Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today is the big day/ They have started

Last night Sam and I packed every thing so we could just get up and go. Misky was really good last night. She ate a full bottle (4oz) at ten, then we fed it again at 12 for her last formula bottle she only ate 1 or 2 oz. Then at 4:30am we few her some pedialyt. Its hard to want to wake a peacefully sleeping babe up. We just didn't want her to be super hungry. We loaded her up in the car she slept for the first 20 mins then she babbled for 10mins then slept the rest of the ride. It was nice to hear her cooing this morning. Any other morning I would have told her to go back to sleep. Haha she minds pretty well for her age. :)

Once we got checked in we weighed her, With a PJs on and maybe a dirty diaper she was 12.1!! WAhoo she hit the 12lb mark... with a little help.

We wrapped in into a warm blanket and she feel right a sleep until the anaesthesiologist(sp?) (Doug) came then she was awake looking around. Sam's parents joined in in the OR waiting room then just before Misky started her adventure my parents and Tanya joined us took a few pictures then we walked to down the hall to fix her heart and said our good bye's.

I cant wait to see her, With her pinker skin and HIGH her O2 readings. Dr. Hawkins said she should be in the low to mid 80s!! (Normal I think is 90s) Oddly Her stats we're 82!! most of the time she reads at 74-75, I was surprised.

Now we are staying busy in the waiting room, We have had two updates so far.

9:10in They have made the incision

10:20 She has been put on the heart lung machine.

I'll update again later.

I feel very calm and at peace, I know Heavenly Father is watching over her and us. I am so grateful I can feel the spirit, Thanks to everyone who is Fasting and Praying for our little family. We are so thankful for all of your support.

Love, Melynda, Sam, and Misky

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Tim & Caralun said...

WE love you and pray for you always.
Love Grandma & Grandpa A