Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We got home yesterday around 11 am. So Sam and I still think we were there for two days just waiting on someone to come and pull the pacer wires.... So in the morning Bonnie and a hand full of med students came in, not sure if they we're there to see the wires come out or if they were just doing normal rounds. I was in the restroom when they all came in, I came back just after they pulled the wires out. Bonnie said they probably just got stuck on the closer wires on the chest or from the scar tissue. They just needed an extra hard tug to get them out.

Bonnie said we didn't need another ECHO, but did want us to hand around for an hour just to make sure the wires didn't cause any trouble. Every thing went fine. Bonnie them came back talked to us a for a little while got us our meds -the same ones just a little bigger doses. We did our discharge paper work and we were out of there.

We did plan on visiting some friends at PCMC, but we just want to get home, I'm sure they understand.

I think I might have forgotten the day before we left we took Mariska for a wagon ride for a nice hour or more. We wandered the halls. Had a few rides on the elevators and Let Mariska drive. Is was nice to get out of the room, and I think Mariska thought so too. We told her for her next surgery shes going to have to pull us up and down the halls.

Yesterday early morning. We had the IV team come and take her blood. I will never let any one else take her blood. They left the lights off, which was nice. The girl took a light lite, put it under her hand marked where the best place would be. left for a sec, when I came back she had the needle with an open end and let the blood drop into the viles. Mariska didn't even cry the whole time it was so nice.

After that we went and got an chest x-ray. The tech who took was was funny. Was crazy in a good way. She was trying to clear the halls by moving the crib every where, hahah no worries no one got hit.

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