Sunday, April 20, 2008

A little releaved

Thanks everyone for the comments on the blood draws. We told our nurse that we only wanted the IV team to do any blood draws, she was really sweet and even wrote it on the white board just in case she or someone else forgot. Pheww.

We have had awesome nurses today. The first one we had her twin sister on the floor back in December. I was looking at her and said yeah you had my sister last time. They are so identical, they wear close to the same things, and do their hair and make-up similar too. Its fun.

Our nurse Lindsay, tonight keeps asking us if she can do anything for us. So we had a few slushes for us and also for my dad and younger bother who came to see us. When I was gone Sam was trying to get her to calm down she offered to help calm her down tonight if we wanted to get some rest. That would be kind of nice. The days are really mellow but the mornings are crazy.

I had my brother Tyson bring us Mariska's bottles from home. To see if this would help her to eat more food here. I'm starting to worry more that shes not eating that often. Shes only eating maybe 3 bottles and a mouth full here and there from others. She doesnt even act hungry. She really happy talking and smiling. So we hope its just a phase and nothing more. I've had to make her eat, but once she gets some in her belly she eats the rest of the bottle. Sam said he thinks that maybe hunger is not that big of a deal after all the blood draws and open heart surgery.

I was just talking to our nurse she said that she things that some times manipulate their environment since they have pretty much lost all most all control, that's their way of acting out. She also said that Loratab will make some kids just to tired to want to eat anything. I'm glad we finally have a nurse that knows what shes talking about!! Shes awesome.

I was feeling sad a few days ago when we thought we would not be here for church. We love this branch the spirit is so Strong, Its nice to be in a room with every one who truly wants to be at church, When ever we start to sing I always have a hard time. My heart is always so humble when we're here and the hymns always hit home. I am so grateful for Sam and the priesthood he holds, it has brought so many wonderful blessings into our lives.

Please pray that Mariska will have a easy time with the blood draw in the morning and everything will go smoothly so we can go home.

Lots of hugs and loves.

Melynda, Sam, and the brave Mariska


Simmons Family: said...

I've been following your blog for a while and what a trooper Mariska is. I cringe at the IV "fishing" you talk about because I know all too well how aweful it is to watch that. I'm glad she did so well with her Glenn and hope that she gets to come home soon.

Owen is getting ready for his Glenn next month so it's nice to read about other's that are doing so well with their recovery.

Love the blog.

Owen's Mommy

Liam Lockhart said...

I hope all is going well with Mariskas blood draws,They are so hard to watch and it does get frustrating. I hope Mariska is doing well and hopefully to get home soon.
Praying for homeward bound!!!
Sarah and Liam HLHS

Djinni said...

The blood draws are always stressful for me too. Isaac has the same problem, and I have had the best experience with the Life Flight team. If you have any problems with the IV team, try the Life Flight team (you CAN request them they are always available). Vent all you need to, it helps relieve the pressure. I'll keep Mariska and your family in my prayers. I'll see if I can swing by soon while my kids are in school during the afternoon. Take Care. Djinni (Mom to Isaac HRHS 5yrs old)