Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Here they are, Sorry theres so many and it took me a while to get them on here. Heres the update
Mariska just after her surgery 04-16-08Just after she was extubated!

Dr. Bonnie Clay and our nurse Lisa taking our the chest tubes. Misky tuckered our afterward.

She kept kicking off one sock.
Us with Mariska's Surgeon Dr. Hawkins.

Uncle Tyson and Sam

Bonnie and Mariska. We laugh later how Misky Doctor frog looked a lot like her. We love our Bonnie

Mariska chilin in the swing and her dad playing games. Mariska with her Canula on top of her nose. Shh dont tell the nurses. hehe.
On the "Floor" From Mariska's eyes. Shes looking at her new toy.
Playing with mom. All smiles.
My First wagon ride. We went almost every where. Mariska was really good and enjoyed seeing something new. Most of the time we keep her covered up when we go to the hospital.
Pretty normal stats for Mariska.
Mariska's silly face. Her playing with LEGOs. I cant believe how long shes getting. And her chillin with her buddies.
There you go. The last two we're just a few days ago. Shes such a funny kid.

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Michele and Marcelo said...

Hello you guys! I love seeing the pics of my little niece, sister and brother-in-law!! I am so glad that everything is going so well. Can't wait to hear about how the doctor appointment went!...Keep the updates coming!

I love you all,