Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Gallup

Today Mariska had a cardiology visit at PCMC, with doctor Williams and doctor Pulver. I had our two x-rays (I couldnt see any teeth moving yet, haha) (They *the doctors* looked really good - said from both doctors) Then did the weight and height, O2 levels, blood pressure, and an EKG (I was a little suprised on this, didnt thing we would have that done this time, -it reads the heart waves which is printed on paper for the doctors to see)
Backing up to last week at our peds visits numbers. Weight 15.8 lbs . 26.5 inch. head circ 17 inchs. and O2 was 88. So that puts her weight in the 5-10 percentiles, her lenght around 30% and her head circ 50%. All of which we're super happy with.

Back to this afternoon. Her heigth was still 26.5, weight was 16.8!!! (She gained a POUND in a week! She has been eating really well, almost all 4oz every bottle and a sometimes a little more! shes been a little piggy this week, haha.) (we changed her diaper just before we left so a hour ago or so and she had a big cute bow on her head, but that doesnt add that much hehe.) Her O2 stats rounded out to be 85. The nurse said her blood pressure was a good number (I forgot to look). She only cried when we put her down to see how long she was. Not even when she had the EKG stickies pulled off her skin! What a brave little girl.

Doctor Pulver came in and listened to her heart, checked out her x-rays. We talked about formula and eating (we makered that she gets a little sweaty when she eats, but only if its really hot in the house, so I dont really think that counts) I told him she eats more of I only fortity her bottles with a half a scoop and not more then a full scoop, if I do more then that she has a hard time eating and thats when she does sweat, he seemed a little surprised about that info. (I listen to her. :) -I still think the throwing up thing only happens when she has over eaten.) He heard a gallup when he was listening to her heart and said her liver felt like a 3 (I think a little big or low.. or both... I forget) He asked how she was doing we told her great shes such a happy baby, shes sitting up and likes to roll on the ground. :) He changed the dose of her meds to fit her weight and wanted to see us back in about 3 months.
Then Doctor Williams came in did pretty much the same things. They decited that her liver felt like a 2, so they went with a 2-3 on the paper work. Mariska wanted to say a little more when Doc W came in so I gave her a sucker (in the wrapper still) to her to play with to keep her still, lol, boy oh boy what candy can do. Back to what I was saying. They said the gallup doesnt really mean a bad thing sometimes it can be there one day and gone the next, they just want to watch it and make sure its nothing. They said she has great color, pulses in her feet, all of her numbers are just fine, shes happy and is growing, so they arent that worried. PHEWwwww! If it something then we just have to play with her meds, not a cath or surgry :-) So we go back in 6 weeks instead of 3 months. Ekk. Better to be safe.

So in 6 weeks we will have a sudated (sp?) ECHO, :( It wasnt until on the way home that the being put under part hit me. I dont want to be put out for just an echo, but then I thought I dont think she would hold still for over 30 mins. for them to get the pictures she wanted. uhgg. I'm not sure if that is a over night thing or just a half a day where we go home after she wakes up all the way and eats something. hmm Thats something I will asked when they call to set the date. Wish us luck that its just something here today and not the next.

To all our friends at the hospital we wanted to come and see all of you guys, but didnt thing it was a good idea to take Misky into the PICU. But we sent our hugs, thoughts and prayers.

Hugs The Anderson's

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New heart for our friend Grace

Last night the Andersen's got the call, They have a heart. They rushed to the hospital, did all the paper work. waited most of the night for Gracey to have the surgery. Got to love being on hospital time. The surgery started 5:30am and finished at a little after 4 pm. They still havent seen Grace but should be aloud to see in in the next hour. Onces shes stable in the PICU.
What a blessing. I'm asking for prayers to be sent to the Andersen's and the family that lost their little one to give Grace a new start at live.


The Anderson's

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A dear friend will be missed

Its been a few weeks now and I just need to get this out. My heart is still saddened from learning of the passing a few weeks ago of our friends heart baby Isaac. He I started to follow him and his family's journey with HLHS when he was just a few months old. We got the chance to met him and his awesome parents when Mariska had her glen surgery done. They are amazing parents that made the most out of the time they had with their little one. I drew a lot of spiritual strength from then as I watched the positive way they looked at everything. They are so dear to our heart. His family fought hard to get their little guy home and now he has gone home just not the home they were hoping for. We just want Paul and Jessica to know we're thinking and praying for you!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I have been busy

I thought it was time to put a book together with all of our wedding pictures. Now that its been little over 3 years. (Our anniversary was July 22nd. YAy for us.) I have been kind of putting it off in hopes that the pictures would be come perfect. haha. I know. Our wedding day was a bright sunny day, way to bright. A lot of the pictures are really blown out and white washed. So between our photographers pics and my dads pictures I think the book came out pretty well.

I ordered the book last night so its just a matter of time before its in my hands. I cant wait. Have a look for your self and tell me how you think I did.

Click here to see the book.


What we have been upto...

One Saturday the 2ND we went to a base picnic at Hill Air Force Base. It was my dads reserves party, They have food, military awareness booths, and games for the kids, they also had some giant bouncers, they were pretty cool, and a few other neat things to check out.
Mariska is "holding my drink"... Don't worry its not open. haha It was nice and cold and she was starting to get to warm. She cooled her tongue off, It was to funny, She realllllly wanted to hold the can.

The four of us went to the zoo on Wednesday! After we went and got Carmeled apple from the Rocky Mountain chocolate factory at the Gateway mall. The Apple pie one is sooooo good.

Sam, Mariska, Chris and Michael (My good friends hubby and little boy) Mariska was so excited to see him. haha
Those monkeys looks like skunks.
Us by the White alligator
Tying on silly hats.

Yesterday Sam wanted to go fishing. We went up to a small lake, its on the way to Logan. We got the boat and all of fishing stuff all ready to go, got Misky in a life jacket that looks huge on her, I sat in the boat with her and ended up getting out, she really hated the vest. We went for a walk while Daddy did his thing. So much for her first time on a boat. haha. We're looking for a baby life jacket, so if you see one would you let me know. :) the smallest we have seen is for 30lbs and under. Which is still super big. She might have to wait until shes bigger in a few years before she can have any boating fun.
Waiting in the car, and hiding from the bugs.

Yep our boat... ok inflatable raft. tee hee.
It does have a motor you just cant see it.
Playing with cat tails.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Post 100! Update on Mariska

The things she shes up to now.

Mariska will be 9 months on the 14th. She's still as cute as can be!

In the past month Misky has learned:
  • To sit up with out any help, Shes not tipping over any more and now gets stuck sitting up.
  • She's rolling over from tummy to back and from back to tummy. She'll roll one way about three times then she stops and rolls back. Most of the time she ends up back to where she started but with her feet where her head was.
  • She's still eating every 3-4 hours 2-4 oz I'm ready for her to eat more then just 2.
  • She still loves anything we're eating more then her own food.
  • Starting to hold her own bottle, most of the time she will hold it, and play putting it in and out of her mouth, not so much feeding her self.
  • She sleeps all night once every three days, on the other two its once and twice a night to eat.
  • She is loving playing peek-a-boo.
  • Still LOVES paper and tissues. Shes super fast on getting them into her mouth.
  • She loves to be out side and anywhere new.
  • Loves shopping....
  • Will pick paper and strings over her toys any day.
  • Thinks the Gracie (my parents dog) and Blix (my brothers dog) are the coolest things ever.
  • Loves to play with the keyboards.
  • Enjoys swimming.
  • Loves to swing with mommy out on the swing out back.
  • Loves mommy's cell phone. (mostly to suck on)
  • Is fascinated with other kids.
  • Still doesn't like to be bucked into her car seat (shes fine after shes in there)
  • Liking all the noise from the Olympics on TV.
  • Laughs when someone else (on TV) laughs, Its so funny
  • Will scream if something scary comes on durning a movie, shes so funny to watch.
  • Loves to feed her self finger baby foods.
  • Is still liking baby food.
  • Responds to her name
  • Still likes to be held so she can see whats going on
  • Will rest her head on Mommy shoulder when shes sleepy.
  • Still doesn't have a "real laugh" yet
  • Is a super good little girl... most of the time.
  • and still doesn't like to be alone.

She's our little goose.