Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy 2nd Heart Birthday!

I have a hard time putting into words how I feel, I'm over ran with emotions as I think about Mariska's sweet little donor and their family. We are so grateful to have been blessed with two years with Mariska's better quality of life she's had with her angel heart.

Heres an update. Mariska finished her first full year in ballet! She was so cute on the stage she had a smile from ear to ear. Shes not in tumbling and LOVEing this too. We're working on cartwheels. by we I mean she, haha. She got to be in the Hooper Parade and had fun throwing candy to everyone. Right after we left to go camping, She had so much fun, campfires with a few cousins, swimming in the lake, boat and tube rides! And sleeping in Grandma/Pa B's camper. Love the smell of Pine trees. Its nice to share some of my favorite childhood memories with my kids.

Kamiah is now crawling, a little slow but shes doing it! Now she can run away from Mariska when she comes to love her way to hard. Mariska loves her life sized giggling doll of a sister!

Sam got a promotion at work! YAY. So far he's liking his new job, but its a lot happening while going to school and working both full time.

Mariska had her annual heart biopsy on Monday. She checked in at 6am. They look her into the cath lab at around 7:45am. Sam, Kamiah and I had a nice breakfast at the hospital. walked around a little, about an hour and a half later she was done. All her pressures and arteries Look prefect!! Such a blessing, after 6 hours of her on bedrest for recovery we all went down had a chest x-ray, echo ECG then met with Dr E. Phew just writing it makes me tired!

Her Biopsy came back Clean a beautiful ZERO 0 rejection!!!!  I'd started having nightmares a few weeks ago when the dates we're changed about having to move back into the hospital and how much harder it would be to have Kamiah and living there again. =) We dont go back for 3 months. But we're still there once a month to pick up meds. :o\