Saturday, June 28, 2008

Angel Charles Hossfield

This was an update I never want to see about one of Mariska's heart buddies! We had a opportunity to meet Charlie and his mom when we we're at PCMC for Mariska's Glenn. I write with with a very heavy heart!
"Yesterday afternoon Charlie (9 months old, HLHS) had been admitted to PCMC for feeding issues, he unexpectantly passed away due to congestive heart failure soon after being taken to the infant floor."

After I read this news I went to Sam and just sobbed. It brakes my heart when our friends little ones are called back to their homes in with Heavenly Father. This is what we signed up for! we know that one day we will lose our sweet Mariska, this is one day that we hope will be after us! We chose to fight for her and keep her on this earthly home with us. Heart failure is the word I fear the most when we see any doctors, this is the word that makes it unable to sleep at night. Once I forgot that I should be so grateful for our little miracle something will happen to remind us just how so very fragile life can be on earth.

Please pray for the Hossfields the are such a wonderful family and I know they need the prayers and support. (His funeral will be some time on Tuesday the time is still not set.)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Visit to our pediatrician

Earlier today we had an appointment with Dr. Alvey. Just for a weight check. She is now up to 14 lbs and 4.6 oz!! Shes Almost 14 and a half! Shes started to get some nice fluff around her legs, a nice little double chin, and her normal chubby cheeks.

She is growing so fast! only to get her this far has felt like forever. Funny how that works out. lol. Misky is finally starting to "feel" heavy to us. She hit a growth spurt where her legs started to look huge then she gained a little in height, so now she still looks like the cutest little green bean ever. :-)

I talked Sam into going to Tai Pan Trading*, I love that store. I found a metal picture frame that ended up being half off, always a nice surprise. Mariska Loves seeing people, places and new things. I think shes going to be a very social person when shes older, but then at the same time lately shes been acting really shy when it comes to men talking to her. IE.. Grandpa's, and Doctors. Its so funny she turns her head and gives them a sweet little smile. Either way I think we're going to be in some trouble with her when shes older. ha ha.

Dr. A said since Misky is not choking or gagging on her baby food and seems to be handling it well that we can start her on Stage 2! and also feed it to her a few times a day. We were pretty excited a little surprised about that news.

So later this evening we went to where else Wal-Mart... and bought her some new stage 2 baby food. I think Sam had a little too much fun picking out the different kinds. lol. We bought her some more "puffs" (They dissolve in her mouth, and look like cereal) She also Loves these things. They also keep her busy while we grab something to eat. These new ones have calcium added to them, which will be nice now that shes hooked.

We bought her a small rainbow stripped ball to see if that will help her with tummy time and wanting to crawl. So far she can roll over, on her tummy to her back, but only on her right side. We think she will start to roll over soon, cause shes starting to roll both ways while shes on her back.

Mariska is still ALL gums. Dr. Alvey checked for teeth, since I told him shes likes to put her thumb in her ear now and then when she eats. He said he can feel that two teeth on top and 2 on bottem are ripe and ready to come down! I joke that one day I'll stick my finger in her mouth and shes going to have 4! new teeth. Just as long as they all come I'll be happy :)

Theres our little long update. hope it sounds better them some of the others :P

Melynda and family

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Here are some pictures of Mariska's first time swimming in Grandma & Grandpa's swimming pool. She wasn't to sure if she really like it or if it was just ok - it was funny she just was relaxing looking at everything. We took these on the 14th.

The first one Sam took. It makes me laugh so hard, a friend gave us this swimming suit, its her itsy bitsy teeny weeny pink ruffle two piece bikini. I had to run to the store to look for some swim diapers well no luck, they don't have any thing in her size. :P So we told her she needs to start to grow some more so she can go swimming in a diaper that really fits her. While I was at the store we took longer then we planned so when we got back Sam had put in bed to take a nap and had her all ready to play in the pool. We went and ordered a swimming suit off of some website its going to be like a body suit, its pretty sweet. So we'll just have to use this one to hold us off. I did buy her this turtle boat thingy. She seemed to enjoy her self, even with the bright bright sun.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day pictures

I wanted to say Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there! and a special one to my Dad and to Sam.

I told Sam that Mariska like the pink shirt the best so he needed to ware it for her. I was feeling a little brave when I bought his shirt and wanted to spice up his wardrobe. I think it worked.

We also took Mariska to her very first time at church She finally got to show off her cute little dress. We wanted to make sure that the sickies were all better. For the most part they were. We ended up changing Misky formula just before church-- talk about the worst time to make a change. She wanted nothing to do with it, so she was hungry and a little fussy, so she got to see a lot of the foyer.
It was so nice to be to Church as a family. In Sunday school we talked about our parents Adam and Eve. Its nice to have a reminder of how we came to be, and all the sacrificing they did to let us have our earthly lives.

Happy 1st Father's Day!!

I made this video for fathers day just for Sam, (and for all of us). The Pictures start from when you first became a dad. Its a little long, 16 mins and 13sec. I also made it so you can either watch a smaller window should make the picture look better and take less time to load. Have fun. Love you.

Melynda and Mariska

Medium Window

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Happy Fathers Day!! 6/15/08

Large window

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Happy Fathers Day!! 6/15/08

I also put the link on the bottom of the blog. :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Fastest 7 months ever.

Mariska Elizabeth Anderson is 7 months old today. We have been so blessed to have her in our family. She is the "bestest" baby we could have ever asked for. For being just 7 months old she seems to do pretty well at --I know what I want and I get what I want when I want it-- haha. She is so sweet always smiling or giving mommy and daddy silly looks. We been so blessed to have her as our daughter. Misky we love you!!

I have making a slide show of Mariska as shes has gotten older. I ran ran out of time before I would finish it so I will post it soon.

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful things you have done for our family- we are truly blessed.

Melynda and Sam

Extra, Extra...

I have some some news about my younger brother Tyson. This week we had a chance to be a payed extra in the new HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3. This all started when a friend of my dad sent him a email saying they are looking for extras for the film that is going to be recorded down in Salt Lake City (West High School..) Tyson and friend have be going everyday a long with 600 others between the ages 15-18. They work 10-12 hours so its a long day for them. Yesterday they we're out side and they got so burnt. OUch.
I thought it was pretty neat hes in a movie (even if we never really get to see him. haha)


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Little Miss Independent

Last night Sam and I decided that maybe Mariska is ready for a sippy cup. She loves to drink from our water glass all the time still, even though she ends up wearing our ice water. Shes getting big so fast.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Last Visit for the RSV study.

I'm starting to see a pattern, every time we go to the hospital I just don't go to sleep until I cant keep my eyes open anymore. I wish nerves we not such a big deal for me.

This is our last visit, I'm a little sad that we're not going to see our nurse she has been so awesome. Yet at the same time I'm glad we're not going to have a check up every month, and that it finally the end of the RSV season, thank heavens!

My mom and have are house sitting for her boss, haha, its been pretty fun. She's paying my mom to clean her bathrooms and a few other rooms if there is time, I'm helping. Its a little hard to clean anything when you have a baby but its been nice to spend some time with my Girls. They are get back on Sunday so we have to hurry to get everything we want to have done for them. My mom has been looking for a good way to pay them back to all the work they have done for the family. (He's a ciropactior sp? and his wife works in the office.) They have had a few grand kids born so things have just not gotten done, and they work such long hours. Its been so nice to get out and feel like I'm really helping.

My mom Friend is down to day - she is going to the Huntsman Cancer Center for Treatment. This is her 2nd battle with Cancer, so far it looks like things are going pretty well. They want her to gain more weight being that shes a little under 100lbs. Shes a tiny thing. My mom and her have been friends since childhood so they go way back. This will be her 5th treatment. They hope to be done with them by mid to end of the summer.

On Sunday Sam and I switched our flat computer screen for my parents screen. The Funny thing is my mom just noticed that we did it. We all got a good laugh from her shock. ( sorry mom and dad we're taking it with us when we move)

I have GREAT news!! Sam and I have been working with Misky on tummy time. On the 28th she ROLLED OVER!!! three time for the very first time it was wonderful! I thought maybe it was just because she was on the bed and I was sitting next to her, but she has done it now every day since!!! We are so excited. This is one step to being a stronger little girl.

Called the O2 place and had them come and take most of the O2 stuff away today! its a nice feeling not to see the tubing and tanks. Now when we put her in the car we're like oh that's it! just the car seat diaper bag and... and... and... nothing!!! its awesome.

Ok so I think I'm really ready to go to bed now yuck its 3am.

We love you all