Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a fun day...

We took two sober no-smile

Two smiling. We printed the 2nd one in sepia tone.
and one ummm we silly one.. haha

Sam was given discount tickets to Lagoon today's ago for today, so we decided to pay the money and have some fun. We bought Misky and my mom (she was our babysitter most of the time) to join us. I talked Sam into having pictures done. The three of us got to dress up as "Out laws". We got awesome promo deal where you buy one 8x10 and you get the copy rights and the digital prints on a CD. How cool is that! I was excited cause now I get to share our fun.

When we were in line to have our pictures taken, Mariska had all of the workers stopping to see her radiant happy as can be smiling face. Oh and she loved it, the more they smiled at her the more she would smile back. Its sometimes a little embarrassing the amount of people she can attract. haha. We're very grateful we have a super happy smiling baby girl. We couldn't be happier!

Mariska LOVED Lagoon. We were not surprise as she loves anywhere that has lights noise and smiling people. :) She was soo good, only cried for food and a diaper change, (nothing out of her normal) I think she was even better then normal, she hates to be left alone so she always had someone talking and playing with her - she must have thought it was wonderful. She only took less then an hour nap the whole day, so not like her.

We took some pictures but they didn't come out so well, I'll post them later. When we were in line to go into the park you can see the White roller coaster, she was looking at it with a little fear/excitement/nerves look on her face. Like your not going to make ME ride that are you??? It was priceless. She got really excited over the "Rocket" We went and had her stand in the forever long line with us. I was teasing her that I was going to take her on it too. I think part of her wanted to go. haha. This was at 10:30pm. After that ride we thought it was time to go. She finally fell asleep around 10:35pm. What a long fun day for her and us.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Sam!

Today is Sam's Birthday. He can official rent a car now that hes 25. :D WAaaaHoo. Its also his first Birthday as a father.

After Work we went out to dinner with my mom to the Olive Garden. Yummy. We had a great time! Mariska entertained us while she played with a straw and seemed to act like it was an instrument blowing and making little noises, it was cute. Our Waiter loved Mariska, and Misky seemed to really like her as well. She even behaved her self very well at dinner, even with a pretty much missed last nap.

After dinner we came back to the house put Misky to bed and had cake -we left no room for ice cream. Sam opened a few gifts before we ate his "fish" cake, while we looked for a lighter.

I made the cake this year and seeing how Sam loves to go fishing I thought it would be only fitting to make him a cake that looked like one. :)


Misky got to play with my brothers Tyler's golden retriever (sp?) He loved to give her kisses and she loved his kisses and fur. Every time he would come into the same room she screams and wants to play with him. She's such a silly goose!

She has been doing so well. Mariska is such a happy baby, Always smiling, making silly faces and sounds. Keeps us always laughing. I feel very blessed to have her in our family.



Friday, July 18, 2008

Story Time...

Happy 8 months Misky! (on the 14th)

One of Sam's sisters is moving to Florida just out side of Orlando. They sold or gave away almost everything and are going to start new in the house they are having built. We are going to miss seeing them so much! Back to the pictures. They gave us a hand full of books so Misky and I had a book day. We sat down and read all but 4 of her books. She loved reading all of them. The one that made her giggle was Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? by Eric Carle (one of my favorite children's authors)

She wanted to take her turn reading so we sat on the bed and read Your My Little Love Bug! I couldn't help my self and had to get a picture of her Reading ALL by her self! One day shes not going to need my help, the rate shes going its going to be sooner then I think. :)

I hope this is a good sign that she will LOVE reading when shes older and grown. That's one of my goals for my kids, I want them to read and love reading. Life is so much better when you excel in the English language.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Heres a few Pictures from the 7th.

I was a little bored so we went out back and took so picutes by Grandpa's Garden. :) Some came out pretty well. I didnt want to pick so you get to see most of them. I'm going super slow at digital scraping, so one day I hope to have a page just for these pitures. Have fun looking.

Loves loves loves flowers, and leaves. She finally got her hands on some.
Loving her flowers.

Hey how did the dogs tail get there. haha

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The ZOO! the Hogle Zoo....

Today I woke up and told Sam I want to go to the zoo today, which is what I have been doing every morning that he has off for a few weeks. haha. Today he gave in! WAHoooo. After Misky had some lunch Apples and blueberries yumm... We set off to the zoo. It was time we took off and did something fun with just the three of us. While we were there we ran into another heart buddy Grace and her mom Alysia in the Giraffes house. We met her sweet parents at PCMC when Mariska was there for her Glenn and Grace was there for her Norwood. Grace was snoozing her her stroller when we saw her, what I could see shes a little cutie and plenty of personally to spare like Misky.

Here are some of our favorite animals at the zoo:

These two are the only ones her face it showing. :) Sam is getting tickets to go in.
The white alligator or crocodile (forgot which)

Misky and myself by the three elephants.

The Penguins, Sam and Mariska

By the baby Giraffe. The first one hes way over by the building and the other hes inside.
Peek-a-boo we see you.

Even though Misky like the fences at most of the exhibits We had an awesome time. The white gators picture made her yell, it was funny. She loved the water and the fence at the elephants exhibit. I think her favorite was the meerkat, The little guy was running on his window seal and all the little kids would run back and forth with him, Misky followed with her head and eyes.
Sam's favorite I think was the Penguins, one of the penguins had some lunch the went for a swim and played with one of the jets on the bottom of the pool. He was very entertaining. Mine was the Elephants and Giraffe's. One of the elephants is pregnant, if its a girl she will stay there, and if its a boy he will leave when hes 10 so he can have more room. The giraffes had a baby about the same time I had Misky, it was fun to see how big she would be if she was a giraffe, I'm glad shes tiny, hehe.

I thought the zoo would take up the day but we were done in a few hours. which was good cause it was a hot day I think we may have hit 100. We stayed in the shade, inside and under the misters to beat the heat. We thought the zoo was a lot father away from PCMC or we would have stopped and got free tickets,Oh well, Now we know for next time. :)

Love the Anderson's