Thursday, July 10, 2008

The ZOO! the Hogle Zoo....

Today I woke up and told Sam I want to go to the zoo today, which is what I have been doing every morning that he has off for a few weeks. haha. Today he gave in! WAHoooo. After Misky had some lunch Apples and blueberries yumm... We set off to the zoo. It was time we took off and did something fun with just the three of us. While we were there we ran into another heart buddy Grace and her mom Alysia in the Giraffes house. We met her sweet parents at PCMC when Mariska was there for her Glenn and Grace was there for her Norwood. Grace was snoozing her her stroller when we saw her, what I could see shes a little cutie and plenty of personally to spare like Misky.

Here are some of our favorite animals at the zoo:

These two are the only ones her face it showing. :) Sam is getting tickets to go in.
The white alligator or crocodile (forgot which)

Misky and myself by the three elephants.

The Penguins, Sam and Mariska

By the baby Giraffe. The first one hes way over by the building and the other hes inside.
Peek-a-boo we see you.

Even though Misky like the fences at most of the exhibits We had an awesome time. The white gators picture made her yell, it was funny. She loved the water and the fence at the elephants exhibit. I think her favorite was the meerkat, The little guy was running on his window seal and all the little kids would run back and forth with him, Misky followed with her head and eyes.
Sam's favorite I think was the Penguins, one of the penguins had some lunch the went for a swim and played with one of the jets on the bottom of the pool. He was very entertaining. Mine was the Elephants and Giraffe's. One of the elephants is pregnant, if its a girl she will stay there, and if its a boy he will leave when hes 10 so he can have more room. The giraffes had a baby about the same time I had Misky, it was fun to see how big she would be if she was a giraffe, I'm glad shes tiny, hehe.

I thought the zoo would take up the day but we were done in a few hours. which was good cause it was a hot day I think we may have hit 100. We stayed in the shade, inside and under the misters to beat the heat. We thought the zoo was a lot father away from PCMC or we would have stopped and got free tickets,Oh well, Now we know for next time. :)

Love the Anderson's


Liam Lockhart said...

I bet she liked seeing all the animals! Liam loved the pool, i was looking for a float with a sun shield like you have but can not find one. He now recognizes the word POOL hahah he starts kicking his feet and screaching. We are going to take the kids to the zoo too, he doesn't know what to think of the 2 dogs we have here so i can't wait to see his expressions on huge animals. I lost my battery charger for my camera so i am on the hunt for that to put more pictures of Liam on the website.
Glad to hear everything is still good and we will be back :)
Heart Hugs
Sarah and Liam HLHS

Liam Lockhart said...

My husband went out last night and got Liam a float and it is the same one as Misky has! I will take pictures and post it soon :)
I hope everything is well with Mariska and can't wait to see pictures!
heart hugs
Sarah and Liam hlhs

carolyn q said...

I am glad that you were able to get out and have some fun with Mariska and that Sam finally gave in. . . just like any good daddy would do. HeHee!
Just wanted you to know I was checking in and seeing how things are going. Oh. . .you have a cutie!