Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Updates, Updates, Updates!!

Boy oh boy its been a while. :) Mariska is doing awesome. We took her in for her 15/18month pediatrician visit 3 weeks ago they decided to combined the two and maybe hope Misky and the nurse can be friends again someday, Pooor thing, every time she sees her nurse she knows whats coming. Cant say I blame her. Next visit no more shots. Not sure if she had a side effect to one of the shots that got her sick or the fact we forgot the shopping cart cover and she licked the bars *sigh* all that work of being a germaphobic.

A week later after the shots she spiked a fever. 3 took about 3 hours to go from normal or almost 103.f. Gave her some medicine and went back down. :) After a week or 2 Sam and I both got what ever she had. Sam was over it in a week, took me down for almost 3 weeks with her cold/allergies. got to love em. She picked up a cough for a week. and Now I feel we're all on the mend or just over it.

Misky is walking! every where. :) has been for almost a month. She crawls up the stairs at Grandma B's house and loves opening her back door to let the dogs in. (her buddies) When ever she hears a dog barking she sticks out her tongue for the dog sigh in sigh language and then barks, to cute.

Little miss has a few new faces. One oh her newest is covering her mouth and pouting while squinting her eyes. I call it I cant believe it face. I get it every time we stay "stop" "no" "don't" or shaking our head at her.

We had a cardio visit on May 6th. Dr. Williams said every thing looks good. He would like to see her heart size go down but at least it hasn't gotten any better. Took her off of Lasix. Left Dig. and aspirin the same. Increased Enalripli to She will for sure have the Fontan when shes 3- 3 1/2. That's when he likes to sent them if they need it yet or not. Nice to have a time frame to count up to. Always wondering when she would need it is a bit draining. He also said she wont have any trouble with her weighing enough for the surgery because of how well shes gaining.

Her weight and height we're the same at both visits. 22lbs and 30inches. Oh she finally got a front tooth this month!! 4 molars and two bottom ones. haha and not a front tooth in sight that's all changing now. :)

Had our first PT (physical therapy) in Davis county today. Now that shes walking she doesn't really need the serves any more. Last visit we had was back in November!.. I canceled the one in December cause she was getting sick. Then we moved got lost and found are way back in to the system. haha The visits we did have helped her and us a ton on how to help her learn. Then she took off from there. Shes one smart cookie.

Just before every thing happened Sam was layed off from his job. Its been a bit stressful looking for a job that just doesn't seem to be there. But we're looking at it like a Looooong Vacation. Hes getting a lot of school work done. Keep us in your prayers that he'll find a job soon :)

Happy late spring :)