Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March's Echo Brings heart cath.

Having fun at the park. YAY for warmer days.

Weeeee playing with the bigger kids. she loved this thing.
At the Jazz game with Grandma! (DeNece my mom)
Walking around
Washing toys
Whoops didnt see her put him in.
Poor wet Elmo
She was so proud of her Duck feet.
put them on all by her self.
cooking dinner.. Think we'll order pizza today.

This is what we found after she played with the camera.

Mariska on Valentines day. =) The ballon was Elmo her love.

Mariska had another ECHO today. yeah 2 in 2 months. yikes!

This one she got to stay awake for. She didn't want to lay down, but they talked her into by giving her two suckers and a stuffed toy kitty with the help of bubbles. Gotta love the things you do to get a kid to told still.

On the way to the hospital misky got car sick... yeah if you could smell us while we were there I apologize. bleh. She told the echo tech how she got sick in the car and made it stinky, or so we gathered from her half jibber jabber.
After the echo we Met with Dr. W. He said her function hasn't in proved or really even changed. Which makes him very concerned. -not something one likes to hear for anyone- so we're looking at having a Heart Cath in 6-8 weeks. To see if shes improving or not. Her heart function is not the best so after the cath they will talk as see if she still a candidate for the Fontan (3rd heart surgery) or if a Heart transplant would be better...

That's right... Transplant.. please pray this can be put off for many many more years.
Took everything I had in me to keep the worry off my face. Its to early now to say whats to really come but what ever it is will come. Mariska's O2 stats were the highest they have been for a year! a beautiful 81. Shes still very active and has great color. We changed some meds and amounts, And hope to see improvement when the cath comes.

After the visit we had lunch at the Rainbow Cafe. That place sure has a soft place in my heart for lunch.

We have faith what comes we will be able to handle by turning to the Lord. We're very full of hope and love things will come out fine.

Love Melynda