Sunday, March 30, 2008


We left a little after 3. We had everything ready to go and started to leave even got as far as out side of the door, when our nurse told us we couldn't go yet because she needed to finish up the paper work. Silly us we forgot about that, we weren't sure if she said we were good to go or not. The doctor forgot to give a prescription for one of her new meds so we had to wait for that, then we just need to pick that one up and we were good to go. Its nice to be back home, with out all the sounds and noise.

Mariska seems a little more patient now. Maybe she doesnt have gas in her little tummy. Our card doesnt seem very pleased with her weight gain, but every one else things she looks really good for a heart baby and our ped said shes gained as much as a normal baby should last month. So I'm tring not to take what our card said to heart too much. She's still pretty little, I think the scale said 12lbs at check in and she was born 6.11lbs.

Misky's sats looked really good before we left. Her Oxygen almost hit 90, but most of the time she was in the high 70s even with a plugged little nose. When we came in she was in the mid 60s with a plugged up nose. (when I clean it she bleed so then its plugged up again, the nurse did it last time it made it bleed, so shes not sick or anything like that :))

I think we should find out about a date for surgery on monday, Or atleast they will submit her paper work on monday. As of right now we're still looking at 2-3 weeks. I'm trying not to think about it too much.

Thanks for the prayers.
Love Melynda, Sam and Mariska

Saturday, March 29, 2008

leaving late afternoon...

The Drs. came in this morning told us the want to keep Misky here for a few more hours and give her another dose of Enalapril and Digoxin and make sure her blood pressure doesn't drop.

Last night... After her blood and flushes were done around 1:30 we finally went to bed, Misky woke up around 3:30am (close to her normal time) ate then went back to sleep then some one came to take her blood for a RBC count check. I'm not sure why he poked her finger and didn't just use the IV.... but with that said she wasn't very happy with the guy waking her up and disturbing her sleep, poor thing. The she did fall back to sleep after another 2 oz. We have to give her ready made formula, shes isn't liking that all that well, and this morning I had to ask a few times for a bottle, I was about to just make up some of her formula and call it good, I feel bad when shes hungry and I cant do anything about it, this was at the shift change so things have to get better.

I have forgotten what it is like to sleep at the hospital or not sleep rather, hahah. Sleeping here is wishful thinking. :) Last night we had a nurse and tech that we remembered from last visit, it was nice to see some familiar faces. Crystal we had on the floor and Jess we had him up at the PICU. We loved them they were so great. Its looking like the new nurse and tech are going to be really good too, I sure hope so. Makes the stay a lot better.

Sam is very anties to get out of here and go home, That's all he has been talking about. haha I feel the same way but its not as bad. Looks like we're here until they finally kick us out or need the bed space. They are just being on the safe side. I hope sooner, it would be nice to hold my baby with just the o2 tube on and not get tangled up in the cords.

Keep your prayers with us that everything will go well and we'll get to go home soon.

Melynda, Mariska and Sam

Family Pictures

We had a family friend take our family pictures.

I wanted to get them done before the cath and other surgeries.

Have a look, We love the way they came out.

One is of our family, Misky moo makes me laugh when I see her face.

One is a collage of pictures,

and the birth announcement that we never got around to making and sending out.

then One of Sam and Mariska's Feet, We're making a bag with this one on it, Misky has her daddy's tootsie wootsies.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Room 3088

Well it is all over and the cath and echo went well and there was no complications. Our cardiolgist said that the a is a small leak in the heart and the pressure in the lower right ventricle is a little bit higher than they want it to be, but nothing really to worry about. The doctor said that the heart looks how it should for the next glenn procedure. Our card is trying to schedule an appointment for her glenn procedure which we should expect to take place in about 2 to 3 weeks.

As far as her recovery for the cath and echo she will be in the childrens surgical unit overnight in room 3088 and they we should be released at 8:00 A.m. I geuss they said the main reason for the overnight stay was because her red blood count was a little low so they needed to give her a tranfusion. Other than that everything is going well.

Love Sam and Melynda

P.s. Sorry for not writing earlier, Melynda was trying to get me to write in it earlier you can all blame it on me for not letting you know sooner. Hehe

Cath day today..

We're waiting in the same-day surgery waiting room for Mariska to be finished with her Cath surgery.

This morning Misky was sooo happy just jabbering away, and full of smiles. Sam and I are doing pretty well, I feel so emotional like anything could push me over the edge and just cry.

This morning we checked in. Misky got to wear this cute little gown with a koala bear holding a little teddy bear and above says best friends, It looks so cute on her. Had Rose the PA do a physical on Misky. I took some pictures I'll add later.

Mariska's sats have dropped since the last visit they are now in the mid 60s 64-65. This is where she used to be at with out O2, I really hope that its just because she has a plugged up nose. We knew this would happen its just hard to think the time has already come.

Dr. Day is going to do the Cath and Dr. Pulver will assist him. Dr. Morray is going to be her anesthesiologist and I forgot who her nurse is going to be, something Ann. They all came to talk to use before the surgery. It helped to know the people that would be with her for a few hours.

They gave us a warm blanket to wrap her in to keep her legs warm. She was really good just sat there and looked around. We cleaned her nose out that she wasn't very happy with, I cant blame her she had a bloody nose on both sides. poor thing. She did pretty well for not being aloud to eat for a few hours. We walked her down to the Cath Lab, that's where we'll meet her when its all done.

The nurses all loved her piggy tails and said shes a very alert and cute baby on the way to the lab. After we dropped her off we went and got something to eat to

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Went to see our card yesterday.

We were told we all of our appointments had been changed, Well they only changed 2/3 so we were not planning on going to PCMC to see her card on the 26th. Sam with such short notice Sam couldn't go to that appointment. With all the things we take with Mariska its hard for one person to carry it all, so I had my sister Tanya come with me. Mariska had fun with her aunt we was smiling at everyone it was cute.

Her saturation's 68-69. So they have started to drop. :-( Dr. Pulver said her lungs looked clear but her heart looks a little enlarged. He also said surgery is about 2-3 weeks away, but this can change after her cath and echo.

Please keep us in your prayers that everything will go well for Mariska during her cath. Thanks for all the support, kindness and love you have shown our family.

Melynda and Sam Anderson

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yesterday we had an echo appointment scheduled at PCMC. This is just like an ultra sound only done on the chest, so they can have a look at the heart and see how its moving and if it leaking anywhere. You cant eat anything or a few hours before so when they give you the sedation liquid you keep it in.
They called us a week before to confirm the appointment and tell us what to do. Mariska couldn't have any formula after 7 ,no breast milk after 9 and no water after 11. And the the echo was at 12:30. If you break the rules they reschedule the visit.
So after we starve Misky, and check in we go to the Card. clinic 1. They tell us they don't have us on the schedule!! And that our card was in a meeting.
Needless to say we we're confused and a little annoyed. We wouldn't have gone all the way over to PCMC if we didn't have to. What a waste of time.
The lady told us that the appointment was made around 9:30 and cancelled at 10:30 the same day. This is the third time its been changed. I dont really mind it moving just as long as we know about it before we get there. My dad came with us so we decided to wait for the doctor because we needed a paper signed for FMLA(sp?) we grabbed some lunch, Fed Misky. Then waited. At least the day wasn't a completely waste and we got the paper signed. Now Sam cant lose his job when she goes back in for surgery.
While we were waiting for the girl at the front desk she came and told us she figured out what happened. I called and made the visit and Dr. Pulver an hour later changed it to the 28th so it could be done at the same time as the Heart Cath, since it was also changed a week ago.
I'm glad they can both be done at the same time and it can just be on visit. I just hope this surgery doesn't change into a emergency thing! with all the rescheduling that's been going on.
So today we called to make sure that it was on their schedule so Sam can let his work know, It was kind of a joke; you really dont get any thing but a recording. I asked the girl at the desk for a number I could call to make sure we still had the appointment. It was a good thing she gave one to me cause they are the only ones that anwser the phone or will get back to you in less then 2 days.
The Cath lab will tell us a day before what time to be there, so now we just wait. OK I'm done venting.

Two of my sisters and their families are going to fly down, Tanya and her two little ones are coming this Tuesday for a few weeks and Michele and both of the husbands are going to come in early April for a week. I'm really excited to see them. They are going out their way for us so much; having extra people to help remember what the doctor said is very helpfull.

Thanks for keeping tabs on us. I'll let you know whats going on as it comes. We're hoping to get family pictures done soon so Misky will have some nice pictures on her bed. :)


Monday, March 17, 2008

A few hours for Lord

Today I got out of the house for a few hours to go to church, It has been a while since the last time I attended a full service. Now that we're living with my parents we go to my old ward before we were married, it is a little strange. I have to wonder if it is going to be hard to get to know some of the new members when I have can be in my own little comfort zone, and always having someone to sit next to ( my mom), I'll have to work on being more open to the spirit and see who I feel I need to sit next to, that was one thing I loved about this ward, I always tried to sit by someone new every Sunday. This is going to be my new challenge for my to work on.

I want to write about a experience I had today while sitting in Sacrament Meeting. The speakers we're a young family with two small children a 3 year old and around a 1 year old. The mother spoke first.
She was so enjoyable to listen to, She made us all want to cry, the had us trying so hard not to break out in laughter, all things that I feel make someone a awesome speaker to listen to.
The mother was telling us about a day she had that was so horrible, and everything went wrong. This is what I remember about her talk.

"Before I was married I thought I was a very patient person, now that I have kids I know that I have very little... I realized that our car licence was going to expire the next day so I make a phone call with a local safety and imissuions to set up an appointment. I then get my two young girls into the car which is always a challenge. We had just bought a new double jogger stroller, so I had to figure out how that works so I could take it with us, so I can go on a jog while they work on the car and the time it not a complete waste of time. We get to the place I asked them about how long it would take they told me around 45mins, I thought perfect I can go on a jog with plenty of time. We set out on our jog, and my three year old keeps asking me mommy where are we going, why are we going this way.. I at this time I was in a full jog and when I jog I don't, like to talk because I am gasping for breath if I do and it sounds rather bad. I started to get very frustrated with my 3 year old. Telling her not to worry about it and that she should be going to sleep. About 10 mins later I just cant handle it anymore and we go back. I was praying please let my car be done because I don't know what I'm going to do if its not. When we got back the car was done, that was about the only thing that went right all day. My youngest fell asleep on the jog so I put my three year old in the car while I buckle my other one in her car seat. As I do this my 3yr old is climbing back and forth between the two front seats. After a moment she says mommy I had a accident. I looked up at the seats, she had not just peed on one seat she had peed on both of them. They both had puddles in them. I was so mad. She was upset about wetting her pants but I was more upset that I just didn't care. I then threw her into her car seat buckled her in and went home. I did put a towel on the seat so I didn't have in sit in it. I had to hurry and give her a bath and get her ready for a costume party she was invited to. I had it in my head that ohh they will look so cute and I will get the most perfect pictures and everything will be just great. After I had her cleaned up I threw her in her costume and we hurried out the door. Once we were at the party my friend had forgot something so I offered to run to her house and get what she needed and I wanted to grab my camera that I forgot on the way she let me take her car. I got to my house grabbed my camera, started to leave, when I couldn't find her car keys, I then spent a hour looking for her car keys, so this day I still have not found them. When I finally got back to the party it was just about over. I took the girls home made dinner which I hoped wasn't yucky. When my husband got home I threw the girls at him and went to my room and prayed and cried. I told Heavenly Father, I have nothing left to give I cant do it anymore. And asked for help."

I loved her talk, but as I was listening to her once she started on how mad she was starting to get I felt the spirit leave. Its a strange feeling to feel the Spirit leave his own house. It did later come back.

It got me thinking, she was just talking like she would to a friend talking about her day. How often does the Spirit leave because of how we say something or retell an event to someone?

The Spirit was so strong after the first half, and it was so easily lost, with a few words and emotions.

I began to think about how welcome do I make the Savior and the spirit into my life... am I doing all that I should be... what things do I need to change to make it more inviting...

I told Sam about all my feelings and my thoughts. (He got to stay home with Mariska) As I was telling him about everything I was ready to cry. I truly want to be in tune with my Savior and the Holy Spirit. More now then ever, with Mariska's next surgery coming up so fast. I want to keep the guidance we had when she was first born and we could only depend on the spirit to help us get past the rocky moments of our families life.

I was was listening to my dad (Mariska's grandpa) Talk about his calling in the branch over in Iraq. He was saying how it was just a handful of members that would attend the meetings, They had to split it up into three days to work with the long days they worked over there, so everyone could have a chance to attend. He was saying that the ones that came were the ones who truly wanted to be there.

How much would that change our church if everyone that came truly wanted to be there and gave all they could, by singing every song with all they had, and participating in all the classes...
I hope I'm better at this and meet some of my goals.

Thank you so much for your thoughts. I'm so sorry that we haven't been able to respond to each post. I'm sorry if we haven't returned your phone call or email. We get every message... email, letter or voicemail. It's encouraging and strengthening. Thank you for all you have done for us. We are truly blessed. The Lord works in mysterious ways. He has blessed us in so many ways and often times it's in ways we would never have thought... but suddenly things come to light and we realize that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are with us through this. What a beautiful gift it is that They are so close.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Welcome Home from Iraq!!!!

I had them reschedule the Cath, They never told us when they made the appointment for, I found out when our card called to talk to us about it. Yuck, so we'll have the Cath done on the 28th and the echo on the 19th.

My dad (Mariska's Grandpa) came home from Iraq today!! The airport was so nice to us, we brought our stroller with us, and her O2 tank and the diaper bag, we left the diaper bag with some of the Air force people so we didn't have to throw out her formula and all the hand sanitizers, that would have been a nightmare for the ride home with no food. They let us keep her in her car seat, so we didn't have to take her in and out, the stroller they just walked through the metal detectors. They only had to scan the car seat and the o2 tank. They we're so nice, They are letting the soldiers families greet them when they get off the termal. It was so much fun to see the the soldiers come off and greet their families again. Terry (my dad) left on the 4th of November and Mariska was born on the 14th of Nov. He was away for all of the fun that came with having a heart baby. So after 4 months he finally got to see her for the first time. She was a very famous little girl they all came to see the little baby that they have hear so much about. Mariska was receiving blessing from all around the world and even the old bible countries. When Terry got home thier church ward had put 28 flags in the front yard and a few down the street, when we first saw them I wanted to cry it was a very wonderful feeling to see that many of our flags in the yard waving to greet him home. Its great to have him back in the states again.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I think I'm going to be sick...

I got a call from PCMC today... We have been planning on having a sedated Echo cardiogram done on the 26th, well they called today and they want to change the date, so now we are going to have it done on the 19th at 11. I'm scared out of my mind... Then Dr. Pulver called us to talk about having Misky's Lab Cath done tomorrow.. I was a little blown away, I told him we didn't know it was going to be tomorrow, we were still waiting for a call on when they could make the appointment... I asked if we could change the date cause Mariska's grandpa comes home from Iraq tomorrow, he said he would talk to the schedulers' and work on a date. So they called and now we're having that done on the 28th. I feel so nauseous and I dont think its going to go away anytime soon. This is all moving so fast, but atleast I have one more week of ignorance. All the stress is a lot to take in sometimes. please keep praying for us and That the appointments go as smooth as they can.

Love Melynda Sam and Mariska

PS. Mariska is 4 months this friday!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Doctors Doctors Doctors

Well, Things have been crazy that last few weeks like always. Mariska has been getting a really bad diaper rash and has had diarrhea for a couple days so we took her into her pediatrician and got some medication for her diaper rash and Dr Alvey said to just watch her diarrhea and if it dosent go away with in the next week then bring her back. Then Next day we went down to primary childrens and got her the synagyis shot for RSV. She had to get her blood drawn and this time we where lucky enough to get patrick, and that was such a difference. Patrick was able to poke her once and get the blood we needed in half the time the other nurses took to get 1/2 as much blood. We were really pleased and she didnt have to cry and go through it nearly as much.

So this week Mariska was still having diarrhea and the bad diaper rash so we took her to the pediatrician again and he had us drop her formula in the breast milk and then we will gradually work up to 1/2 a scoop of formula in the week and then two one full scoop and the diarrhea should go away by doing that. Next we then went her Chiropractor/Naturalist and we got like 4 different vitamins that she needs to take to help her, One is supposed to help her diarrhea and one for her lungs and one for her brain development and one to help her immune system.
Fun Fun we are back to more medicine again, but I Think it will help her because she has always seemed to improve everytime we have followed his advice.

Sam as he is going to school and working and dealing with all this he has a lot on his plate. Along with starting his business on the side, He has been working hard and we are hoping it will pick up soon so we can get around his work situation and her surgery coming up soon. We ask that everyone will pray for us as it seems to be getting close to a time were it is going to start to get real hard again.

We thank everyone for their support and prayers.
Love Sam & Melynda

Monday, March 3, 2008

Awesome day

Sam Just told me that Mariska's SSI has finally kicked in! what an answser to out prayers, this will help get some of those left over medical bills payed and some nice things for Misky. Its been awesome day! Mariska has been really happy most days she cries when shes gets too tired, and at the end of the day which feels like it lasts forever. Today has been the really only time I have gotten to check all 150 mails I get and to finally give an over due update post to for the blog. Thank goodness for awesome days, lets keep them coming.

Already March!!

Sorry I haven't kept this blog updated. Thinks have been a little crazy, ok its been really crazy. Hopefully I can remember every thing that has happened in the past few weeks.

We finally made the move, we ended up moving in with my parents. So now we live in Roy, Utah. Its kind of a challenge being back at my parents place but the rent is free and we can pay off some debt and get a fresh new start at life. What a blessing that will be for us.
Sam and my younger brother Tyson pretty much did all the moving, Tyson was an animal, ha ha. My mom wanted us to move in almost 2 weeks before I was planning on moving so

(Picture, our last day in our Apartment and ready to move a few boxes.)
I was in a bit of a panic to get everything packed and find more boxes, but it did all get moved now if I can just remember where I put everything then I'll be in great shape. We got all the big stuff on a Wednesday after her peds check up, and went back for everything else that Saturday. We had Sam's parents and one of his sisters and her hubby and two girls come to help us, they where such a great help. The Girls also had a good time getting to know their newest cousin. Then my mom helped us get the apartment cleaned so we could give the keys back and officially move out.

I haven't really wanted anyone to watch Mariska because the formula we fortify with makes her so unhappy. She's ok some times, and loves to be bounced, really hard to get all the air out of her tummy. She has been doing a lot better now after a few weeks i think her tummy is starting to get used to it yahoo. She doesn't like to sleep for more then 30 min's it seems like for most of her day naps, but she is a awesome sleeper at night time, so I cant complain. My fear is that we'll have to put that tube back in her nose. That will open up a whole new world or problems, I really don't miss having to keep up upright for 30-60 min's after every feeding just to keep what she ate in her belly. Not her best days.

Sam started School on Monday, part of the motivation to go back is to avoid paying on his student loans, How wrong is that? but at least he'll be done one day sooner the later. I think he'll be going until he gets his BA so just a few more years to go, from L.A. college in LA. Hopefully this will help him to land a awesome job. He amazes me on how hard he works, I cant tell you how much I love him.
(pictures.. our Pediatrician with Mariska, and Mariska and Daddy waiting to see the doctor Alvey.)
Mariska has had Two visits to our ped, Dr Alvey. I got some pictures of them, I'll add them when I get my computer back up, just as soon as I find a place for it to go, he he. The first visit was for a check up after we saw her card we had to reschedule. She weighed 9.14 so almost 10! The last ped appointment a week after that was just to watch her weight gain, She weighed 10.6 so she has put on a whole half a pound "WAY TO GO MISKY" it helped that she ate a 5oz the night before he he, that's the most she has eaten so far.

I finally got out of the house! its been a while. A friend of mine was sealed at the Timpanogas Temple down by Provo. I went to her wedding reception. We took Misky to Target and then to we reception, She did really well. I got to see lot of old friends I haven't seen for a long time, it was nice to see everyone and a few of the new babies. I was really good about not letting anything touch Misky, just hope the RSV shot really works. When we got home I layed her on the floor she just stretched and stretched and was all smiles it was funny. Then on Saturday The three of us went over to Sam's sisters Helena's house for dinner. It was fun to take her somewhere other then to see a doctor or get a shot. I feel bad for Mariska shes going to thing every time she gets put into her car seat its for something that might hurt her. I don't want her to think that, even if shes just 3 and a half months old.

My dad will be returning home soon!! he has been gone for 4 months tomorrow over helping with the war in Iraq! Hes kind sad to leave his church calling over there but at the same time is really home sick. Its going to be nice to see him again really soon. He I have been told should be back by the 13Th, so in ten days!

Time has gone by so fast.Its hard to believe Mariska has anything wrong with her some days. Her smile makes me forget everything and melt, cant wait until she can really start to giggle and laugh she's working on it but nothing comes out. Thank you to all those who follow this blog and a even bigger thank you to the ones who post a comment, the comment means the world to me, lets me know that you care and are flowing little Mariska. So keep the comments coming even if its a we just wanted to say hi.

Thank you for the kind works, wishs and all the prayers that come out way.