Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yesterday we had an echo appointment scheduled at PCMC. This is just like an ultra sound only done on the chest, so they can have a look at the heart and see how its moving and if it leaking anywhere. You cant eat anything or a few hours before so when they give you the sedation liquid you keep it in.
They called us a week before to confirm the appointment and tell us what to do. Mariska couldn't have any formula after 7 ,no breast milk after 9 and no water after 11. And the the echo was at 12:30. If you break the rules they reschedule the visit.
So after we starve Misky, and check in we go to the Card. clinic 1. They tell us they don't have us on the schedule!! And that our card was in a meeting.
Needless to say we we're confused and a little annoyed. We wouldn't have gone all the way over to PCMC if we didn't have to. What a waste of time.
The lady told us that the appointment was made around 9:30 and cancelled at 10:30 the same day. This is the third time its been changed. I dont really mind it moving just as long as we know about it before we get there. My dad came with us so we decided to wait for the doctor because we needed a paper signed for FMLA(sp?) we grabbed some lunch, Fed Misky. Then waited. At least the day wasn't a completely waste and we got the paper signed. Now Sam cant lose his job when she goes back in for surgery.
While we were waiting for the girl at the front desk she came and told us she figured out what happened. I called and made the visit and Dr. Pulver an hour later changed it to the 28th so it could be done at the same time as the Heart Cath, since it was also changed a week ago.
I'm glad they can both be done at the same time and it can just be on visit. I just hope this surgery doesn't change into a emergency thing! with all the rescheduling that's been going on.
So today we called to make sure that it was on their schedule so Sam can let his work know, It was kind of a joke; you really dont get any thing but a recording. I asked the girl at the desk for a number I could call to make sure we still had the appointment. It was a good thing she gave one to me cause they are the only ones that anwser the phone or will get back to you in less then 2 days.
The Cath lab will tell us a day before what time to be there, so now we just wait. OK I'm done venting.

Two of my sisters and their families are going to fly down, Tanya and her two little ones are coming this Tuesday for a few weeks and Michele and both of the husbands are going to come in early April for a week. I'm really excited to see them. They are going out their way for us so much; having extra people to help remember what the doctor said is very helpfull.

Thanks for keeping tabs on us. I'll let you know whats going on as it comes. We're hoping to get family pictures done soon so Misky will have some nice pictures on her bed. :)


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Vanderbeeks Images said...

Mel, you have an awesome family! I hope things go well. I will email you a time for photos!