Thursday, March 13, 2008

Welcome Home from Iraq!!!!

I had them reschedule the Cath, They never told us when they made the appointment for, I found out when our card called to talk to us about it. Yuck, so we'll have the Cath done on the 28th and the echo on the 19th.

My dad (Mariska's Grandpa) came home from Iraq today!! The airport was so nice to us, we brought our stroller with us, and her O2 tank and the diaper bag, we left the diaper bag with some of the Air force people so we didn't have to throw out her formula and all the hand sanitizers, that would have been a nightmare for the ride home with no food. They let us keep her in her car seat, so we didn't have to take her in and out, the stroller they just walked through the metal detectors. They only had to scan the car seat and the o2 tank. They we're so nice, They are letting the soldiers families greet them when they get off the termal. It was so much fun to see the the soldiers come off and greet their families again. Terry (my dad) left on the 4th of November and Mariska was born on the 14th of Nov. He was away for all of the fun that came with having a heart baby. So after 4 months he finally got to see her for the first time. She was a very famous little girl they all came to see the little baby that they have hear so much about. Mariska was receiving blessing from all around the world and even the old bible countries. When Terry got home thier church ward had put 28 flags in the front yard and a few down the street, when we first saw them I wanted to cry it was a very wonderful feeling to see that many of our flags in the yard waving to greet him home. Its great to have him back in the states again.



Alison (Abby's Mom) said...

My daughter Abby has HLHS, and were one step ahead of you on this journey.We'll be thinking of your family as the cath approaches. I vividly remember the anticipation for the Glen! It's a tough time.

Vanderbeeks Images said...

So glad to hear that your dad is home. I haven't seen your parents in what seems like forever. It's been oh what 15 years about. Wow! Glad to hear that he is home safe and sound. We are keeping your little family in our prayers. I know that is what got us through cancer treatment - all the prayers! Take care!