Saturday, March 29, 2008

leaving late afternoon...

The Drs. came in this morning told us the want to keep Misky here for a few more hours and give her another dose of Enalapril and Digoxin and make sure her blood pressure doesn't drop.

Last night... After her blood and flushes were done around 1:30 we finally went to bed, Misky woke up around 3:30am (close to her normal time) ate then went back to sleep then some one came to take her blood for a RBC count check. I'm not sure why he poked her finger and didn't just use the IV.... but with that said she wasn't very happy with the guy waking her up and disturbing her sleep, poor thing. The she did fall back to sleep after another 2 oz. We have to give her ready made formula, shes isn't liking that all that well, and this morning I had to ask a few times for a bottle, I was about to just make up some of her formula and call it good, I feel bad when shes hungry and I cant do anything about it, this was at the shift change so things have to get better.

I have forgotten what it is like to sleep at the hospital or not sleep rather, hahah. Sleeping here is wishful thinking. :) Last night we had a nurse and tech that we remembered from last visit, it was nice to see some familiar faces. Crystal we had on the floor and Jess we had him up at the PICU. We loved them they were so great. Its looking like the new nurse and tech are going to be really good too, I sure hope so. Makes the stay a lot better.

Sam is very anties to get out of here and go home, That's all he has been talking about. haha I feel the same way but its not as bad. Looks like we're here until they finally kick us out or need the bed space. They are just being on the safe side. I hope sooner, it would be nice to hold my baby with just the o2 tube on and not get tangled up in the cords.

Keep your prayers with us that everything will go well and we'll get to go home soon.

Melynda, Mariska and Sam

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Gourley Family said...

I hope you guys are home now. And we continue to pray for Ryker's little heart buddies! Especially little Mariska!