Friday, March 28, 2008

Room 3088

Well it is all over and the cath and echo went well and there was no complications. Our cardiolgist said that the a is a small leak in the heart and the pressure in the lower right ventricle is a little bit higher than they want it to be, but nothing really to worry about. The doctor said that the heart looks how it should for the next glenn procedure. Our card is trying to schedule an appointment for her glenn procedure which we should expect to take place in about 2 to 3 weeks.

As far as her recovery for the cath and echo she will be in the childrens surgical unit overnight in room 3088 and they we should be released at 8:00 A.m. I geuss they said the main reason for the overnight stay was because her red blood count was a little low so they needed to give her a tranfusion. Other than that everything is going well.

Love Sam and Melynda

P.s. Sorry for not writing earlier, Melynda was trying to get me to write in it earlier you can all blame it on me for not letting you know sooner. Hehe


Gourley Family said...

I hope you have a quiet night and can get out of there asap. I can not believe it is already time for the second procedure. Mike was saying to me that Ryker would probably be about or just have had the Glenn. How time flies. We will continue to pray that all goes well.

carolyn q said...

Thanks for the update and those pictures are precious!!! It sounds like you guys will be released before I get up to PCMC. I hope once you get home you can all get some real rest.