Friday, March 28, 2008

Cath day today..

We're waiting in the same-day surgery waiting room for Mariska to be finished with her Cath surgery.

This morning Misky was sooo happy just jabbering away, and full of smiles. Sam and I are doing pretty well, I feel so emotional like anything could push me over the edge and just cry.

This morning we checked in. Misky got to wear this cute little gown with a koala bear holding a little teddy bear and above says best friends, It looks so cute on her. Had Rose the PA do a physical on Misky. I took some pictures I'll add later.

Mariska's sats have dropped since the last visit they are now in the mid 60s 64-65. This is where she used to be at with out O2, I really hope that its just because she has a plugged up nose. We knew this would happen its just hard to think the time has already come.

Dr. Day is going to do the Cath and Dr. Pulver will assist him. Dr. Morray is going to be her anesthesiologist and I forgot who her nurse is going to be, something Ann. They all came to talk to use before the surgery. It helped to know the people that would be with her for a few hours.

They gave us a warm blanket to wrap her in to keep her legs warm. She was really good just sat there and looked around. We cleaned her nose out that she wasn't very happy with, I cant blame her she had a bloody nose on both sides. poor thing. She did pretty well for not being aloud to eat for a few hours. We walked her down to the Cath Lab, that's where we'll meet her when its all done.

The nurses all loved her piggy tails and said shes a very alert and cute baby on the way to the lab. After we dropped her off we went and got something to eat to

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carolyn q said...

Just thought I would check on any updates. Please know you guys are on my mind. Since you haven't posted any updates, it's got me very concerned with how the Cath went.
Carolyn Quigley