Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I think I'm going to be sick...

I got a call from PCMC today... We have been planning on having a sedated Echo cardiogram done on the 26th, well they called today and they want to change the date, so now we are going to have it done on the 19th at 11. I'm scared out of my mind... Then Dr. Pulver called us to talk about having Misky's Lab Cath done tomorrow.. I was a little blown away, I told him we didn't know it was going to be tomorrow, we were still waiting for a call on when they could make the appointment... I asked if we could change the date cause Mariska's grandpa comes home from Iraq tomorrow, he said he would talk to the schedulers' and work on a date. So they called and now we're having that done on the 28th. I feel so nauseous and I dont think its going to go away anytime soon. This is all moving so fast, but atleast I have one more week of ignorance. All the stress is a lot to take in sometimes. please keep praying for us and That the appointments go as smooth as they can.

Love Melynda Sam and Mariska

PS. Mariska is 4 months this friday!!

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The Jones Family said...

My name is Cloe Jones. I am an old friend of Laura Vanderbeek. I found your Blog through hers... Anyway, my oldest bother has a heart baby as well. So, I thought I would not only wish you good luck with all that has come and is coming but to also give you their Blog address. You can never know too many people! :)