Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Pictures, Halloween, and Snow.

Little miss bones.

Stopped at Daddy's work to say High while most the building was at lunch before their party. She was excited to see dad at work.

Shh Trick or Treating at Red Gear. Just Sams floor.

At PCMC That Pink pumpkin was her Favorite! She saw it when we walked in and ran to it squilling.

The horse that does have a name now. They voted.

Mariska Strawberry Shortcake Anderson

At Grandma and Grandpa Brownings Ward side walk trick or treat.

So scared of the monsters inside!

She bumped her nose.. thought it needed a bandaid.

Her Hidden Rainbow Cake. Cutting it open made Mariska cheer to see all 6 colors inside still there.

Opening gifts.

With Grandma Anderson. Her Abby Cadabby Party.

Making some music

Misky and Sam's Snowman. She took the nose out so she could eat it. Didnt like that it was now very hard so put it back.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Is it normal?

those with a really weak tummies feel free not to read.   **

Hey Transplant buddies. How common is throwing up?!   Is it just a reaction to coming off the steroids or is it something more.  Once in a while I can see, but Misky hasnt really been her since the ER visit and the pneumatosis/c-diff battle.    

She throws up once if we're lucky every other day. Given her history I"m a mess. Shes LOST a lot of weight. Looking like she'll end the year weighting less then this time last year!.   Feels which I know not to be true. But inside feels like its all being brushed off.

Two weeks ago we met with the nutritionist. She said to cut out all water in her diet. Add cream to anything and everything. Make her go 2 hours between eating. In hopes she'll gain weight.

We also talked about giving her a pill to make her hungry. Its not that shes not eating or doesnt really want to. Its every time she eats a big meal for her * half a slice of pizza for instance* she doesnt keep it in.

Her high for weight has been 13.7kg shes now 11.5kg.... breaks my heart watching this happen to her. I dont pick her up under her arms in fear I might break her.

Will is pass I ask my self. Is it just something to do with the taper? does it have to do with all her past tummy things? is there a kink or blockage? will she be ok? 

Shes still her cute self just not active almost at all. Feels like when she was going down hill waiting for her heart.

I'm asking those who are willing to fast for her on Sunday and to say a little prayer she'll start gaining again.