Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little tid bits.

Thought I would do a short post while I add a new playlist to the blog and Mariska is down for a nap.

Misky's vobabulary is finally picking up! yay. Shes learning about a new word everyday. Pretty exciting. She Loves to help with the dishes. washing them fulling and empting the dishwasher. Shes such a good lil momma. She has a doll she's starting to pack with her all over the house and its sure to always be by her side at bed and nap time. She still a lil girly girly with her small sweet voice and movements. Dancing is her favorite thing to do. At home and church. Shes Loves prayer time. Folds her arms and cheers when its over. lol Always makes us laugh.

She got her flu shot a few weeks ago. We're on the fence about getting her the H1N1 Vac. She'll start getting the rsv synagis shots again here soon. Poor thing.

We have a date for her next sedated echo. January 19 is the date. praying that goes smoothly. Hits me how fast shes growing. I think at that date we'll talk more on a time frame for her next surgery (fontan) She will have it at 3 1/2 Becuase her cardi doesnt like them to have it later. =) Scary but also a piece of mind knowing about when.

Mariska is excited as are we about halloween this year. Shes going to be Raggedy Ann. She has a cute witch laugh a spooky Heeheeheeee and a silly ghost Boo. Took her to the pumpkin Patch on Sat. She thought it was pretty neat to pick her own. And HAD to hold some of the hay from the hay ride. lol

Sam found a job. (forgotten if I"ve posted about this or not, haha so sry if its a repeat) Hes working for Red Gear full time (H&R Block bought them last year) He works on the text side of the software. He LOves his work place. Full of funny awesome people who all share the same views how lucky is that? We're planning to move this winter to a slightly larger apartment. Mariska Turns 2 in two weeks. Eek time has flown by this year.

Heart Hugs
Melynda, Sam & Mariska (HLHS post glenn)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Facebook :o) and Summer time

Mariska is doing just awesome. Feel blessed to say that! Misky becomes more of a little lady every day. Shes so silly, Always making funny faces laughing and giggling. Shes a bit of a monkey also, Loves to sit on the table or our computer desk and play. Shes almost running, just a super fast walk for now, I fear when she can unlock the front door and run, haha. She loves to say "I wana go out" or " I neee go out" Sounds like hes plugging her lil nose. Shes learned this crazy duck sound, not sure where she picked it from, A deep razpy WaaWaah Always gets us laughing.

I posted on Twitter and facebook a day we had a few weeks ago.. ohh what a day.

Started with me taking two sticks of butter out of the freezer so we could make cookies the next morning. We all went to bed, and in the morning found Misky with the two sticks of butter... well the papers to the butter. She Ate! all but half of one, which she smooshed into the carpet next to Sams side of the bed... As normal things come in three's. Later that afternoon I took a nap on the sofa, Mariska climbed up on the computer desk to look out the window. Being the smart cookie she is she took off her diaper and pee'ed all over the desk, she was nice enough not to get the mouse of keyboard, haha. The next part embarrasses me to say, That night we had chile for dinner, remember all that butter... She comes to our bed in the mornings while she was there she left a surprise hands Sam a piece of corn looks at it for a minute then it hits him OHH NOOOO! What a way to start a day :o)

Then the fight started to counter act the butter. 3 almost 4 weeks of 4-7 runny diapers a day, :- Took her in to the doctor after the first week, She lost some weight, Frustrating how easy it is to drop and so hard to add on. We'll take her back in this month to make sure everything is fine.

Off to some fun adventures for the month. We headed to Oregon and California with all my family. 3 sisters, 2 brothers both grandparents, and the kiddos, Had a blast! Checked out Crater Lake, then the Red Woods, and the Beach. I need to pick some pictures out and post them here, almost 2000 to look at, hehe might take me a while. Mariska loved the ocean and the sand. I learned getting sand out of her hair is kind of tricky. but so worth watching her play. x)

Sam and I are both on facebook if anyone wants to read the short updates I do. Samuel T. Anderson and Melynda Browning Anderson are our facebook names. Just say you follow our blog when you buddy, so I keep the picture files open to you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Updates, Updates, Updates!!

Boy oh boy its been a while. :) Mariska is doing awesome. We took her in for her 15/18month pediatrician visit 3 weeks ago they decided to combined the two and maybe hope Misky and the nurse can be friends again someday, Pooor thing, every time she sees her nurse she knows whats coming. Cant say I blame her. Next visit no more shots. Not sure if she had a side effect to one of the shots that got her sick or the fact we forgot the shopping cart cover and she licked the bars *sigh* all that work of being a germaphobic.

A week later after the shots she spiked a fever. 3 took about 3 hours to go from normal or almost 103.f. Gave her some medicine and went back down. :) After a week or 2 Sam and I both got what ever she had. Sam was over it in a week, took me down for almost 3 weeks with her cold/allergies. got to love em. She picked up a cough for a week. and Now I feel we're all on the mend or just over it.

Misky is walking! every where. :) has been for almost a month. She crawls up the stairs at Grandma B's house and loves opening her back door to let the dogs in. (her buddies) When ever she hears a dog barking she sticks out her tongue for the dog sigh in sigh language and then barks, to cute.

Little miss has a few new faces. One oh her newest is covering her mouth and pouting while squinting her eyes. I call it I cant believe it face. I get it every time we stay "stop" "no" "don't" or shaking our head at her.

We had a cardio visit on May 6th. Dr. Williams said every thing looks good. He would like to see her heart size go down but at least it hasn't gotten any better. Took her off of Lasix. Left Dig. and aspirin the same. Increased Enalripli to She will for sure have the Fontan when shes 3- 3 1/2. That's when he likes to sent them if they need it yet or not. Nice to have a time frame to count up to. Always wondering when she would need it is a bit draining. He also said she wont have any trouble with her weighing enough for the surgery because of how well shes gaining.

Her weight and height we're the same at both visits. 22lbs and 30inches. Oh she finally got a front tooth this month!! 4 molars and two bottom ones. haha and not a front tooth in sight that's all changing now. :)

Had our first PT (physical therapy) in Davis county today. Now that shes walking she doesn't really need the serves any more. Last visit we had was back in November!.. I canceled the one in December cause she was getting sick. Then we moved got lost and found are way back in to the system. haha The visits we did have helped her and us a ton on how to help her learn. Then she took off from there. Shes one smart cookie.

Just before every thing happened Sam was layed off from his job. Its been a bit stressful looking for a job that just doesn't seem to be there. But we're looking at it like a Looooong Vacation. Hes getting a lot of school work done. Keep us in your prayers that he'll find a job soon :)

Happy late spring :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Heres some Pictures and a little update.

Long time no post, hehe. heres a quick update for you all. :o) And some pictures from a week ago or so now. And some of her and her new crib.

Mariska is doing Great still. She'll walk with help all over the place, and sometimes feels brave and takes 2 or 3 steps to us and is working on walking while holding one only one hand. She is still boy crazy, Gets bad at church she sees a little boy and clams and screams for joy, like its her long lost friend that she ran into. haha its pretty funny.

She knows her dog sounds, elephant, cow and another one that slipped my mind. Still no front teeth, but shes getting 4 molars in. All at once, which is messing with sleeping in the house. We're excited that she'll have some more teeth then just her bottom two.

Shes around 22lbs now and growing like a weed. I looked over at her and said to Sam did she just grow a 6inches?! haha she was on her tippy toes, almost tricked me.

Some of her favorite things to do is Blow kisses to anyone who asks or leaves the room, such a sweet heart. Likes a little show called Choo choo Soul on Disney, Word World, And The Suit Life of Zack and Cody (we call that show her Boys.)

Thats all for now, Thanks for the comments. Also please pray for Mercydez Haws and Gracie Gladhill and there parents of sweet heart angels. They both went back to heaven this month. Your in our hearts and prays, words cant say how sorry we feel for your loss.

The box was much bigger then I thought it was going to be, had some of the apartment grounds keeps bring it up to us. :)
uncle Tyson was bored that day so came over and put it together while he waited for the pool to open.
Sam and Misky "breaking in" her new bed. haha My babies. ^^

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Sweet Baby Gracie

This Brings such sadness to me for the Gledhill family. Sweet Gracie needed a new heart after hers started to fail two weeks ago. I'm at lose of words to day. The new heart was unable to work the way it should so the help of ECMO was needed. Shes was no longer able to have the Glenn or the Berlin Heart. Her little body is just to worn out and cant make it threw another transplant.

We had a chance to meet the Gladhills at the "house on the hill" when Mariska was having her Glenn and Gracie was recovering from the norwood. That are such an amazing, strong family and so close to the Lord. They feel its time to let Sweet Gracie go today. They are going to donate some of Gracie's organs to help others have a second chance at life. Because they want to help others this shortens the time they have to say goodbye. Peace Pray for this family and their three other Children. My heart is Full and my eyes moist.
Were praying for you the Gladhill family, May peace be with you.