Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little tid bits.

Thought I would do a short post while I add a new playlist to the blog and Mariska is down for a nap.

Misky's vobabulary is finally picking up! yay. Shes learning about a new word everyday. Pretty exciting. She Loves to help with the dishes. washing them fulling and empting the dishwasher. Shes such a good lil momma. She has a doll she's starting to pack with her all over the house and its sure to always be by her side at bed and nap time. She still a lil girly girly with her small sweet voice and movements. Dancing is her favorite thing to do. At home and church. Shes Loves prayer time. Folds her arms and cheers when its over. lol Always makes us laugh.

She got her flu shot a few weeks ago. We're on the fence about getting her the H1N1 Vac. She'll start getting the rsv synagis shots again here soon. Poor thing.

We have a date for her next sedated echo. January 19 is the date. praying that goes smoothly. Hits me how fast shes growing. I think at that date we'll talk more on a time frame for her next surgery (fontan) She will have it at 3 1/2 Becuase her cardi doesnt like them to have it later. =) Scary but also a piece of mind knowing about when.

Mariska is excited as are we about halloween this year. Shes going to be Raggedy Ann. She has a cute witch laugh a spooky Heeheeheeee and a silly ghost Boo. Took her to the pumpkin Patch on Sat. She thought it was pretty neat to pick her own. And HAD to hold some of the hay from the hay ride. lol

Sam found a job. (forgotten if I"ve posted about this or not, haha so sry if its a repeat) Hes working for Red Gear full time (H&R Block bought them last year) He works on the text side of the software. He LOves his work place. Full of funny awesome people who all share the same views how lucky is that? We're planning to move this winter to a slightly larger apartment. Mariska Turns 2 in two weeks. Eek time has flown by this year.

Heart Hugs
Melynda, Sam & Mariska (HLHS post glenn)

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