Monday, August 24, 2009

Facebook :o) and Summer time

Mariska is doing just awesome. Feel blessed to say that! Misky becomes more of a little lady every day. Shes so silly, Always making funny faces laughing and giggling. Shes a bit of a monkey also, Loves to sit on the table or our computer desk and play. Shes almost running, just a super fast walk for now, I fear when she can unlock the front door and run, haha. She loves to say "I wana go out" or " I neee go out" Sounds like hes plugging her lil nose. Shes learned this crazy duck sound, not sure where she picked it from, A deep razpy WaaWaah Always gets us laughing.

I posted on Twitter and facebook a day we had a few weeks ago.. ohh what a day.

Started with me taking two sticks of butter out of the freezer so we could make cookies the next morning. We all went to bed, and in the morning found Misky with the two sticks of butter... well the papers to the butter. She Ate! all but half of one, which she smooshed into the carpet next to Sams side of the bed... As normal things come in three's. Later that afternoon I took a nap on the sofa, Mariska climbed up on the computer desk to look out the window. Being the smart cookie she is she took off her diaper and pee'ed all over the desk, she was nice enough not to get the mouse of keyboard, haha. The next part embarrasses me to say, That night we had chile for dinner, remember all that butter... She comes to our bed in the mornings while she was there she left a surprise hands Sam a piece of corn looks at it for a minute then it hits him OHH NOOOO! What a way to start a day :o)

Then the fight started to counter act the butter. 3 almost 4 weeks of 4-7 runny diapers a day, :- Took her in to the doctor after the first week, She lost some weight, Frustrating how easy it is to drop and so hard to add on. We'll take her back in this month to make sure everything is fine.

Off to some fun adventures for the month. We headed to Oregon and California with all my family. 3 sisters, 2 brothers both grandparents, and the kiddos, Had a blast! Checked out Crater Lake, then the Red Woods, and the Beach. I need to pick some pictures out and post them here, almost 2000 to look at, hehe might take me a while. Mariska loved the ocean and the sand. I learned getting sand out of her hair is kind of tricky. but so worth watching her play. x)

Sam and I are both on facebook if anyone wants to read the short updates I do. Samuel T. Anderson and Melynda Browning Anderson are our facebook names. Just say you follow our blog when you buddy, so I keep the picture files open to you.

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