Sunday, March 30, 2008


We left a little after 3. We had everything ready to go and started to leave even got as far as out side of the door, when our nurse told us we couldn't go yet because she needed to finish up the paper work. Silly us we forgot about that, we weren't sure if she said we were good to go or not. The doctor forgot to give a prescription for one of her new meds so we had to wait for that, then we just need to pick that one up and we were good to go. Its nice to be back home, with out all the sounds and noise.

Mariska seems a little more patient now. Maybe she doesnt have gas in her little tummy. Our card doesnt seem very pleased with her weight gain, but every one else things she looks really good for a heart baby and our ped said shes gained as much as a normal baby should last month. So I'm tring not to take what our card said to heart too much. She's still pretty little, I think the scale said 12lbs at check in and she was born 6.11lbs.

Misky's sats looked really good before we left. Her Oxygen almost hit 90, but most of the time she was in the high 70s even with a plugged little nose. When we came in she was in the mid 60s with a plugged up nose. (when I clean it she bleed so then its plugged up again, the nurse did it last time it made it bleed, so shes not sick or anything like that :))

I think we should find out about a date for surgery on monday, Or atleast they will submit her paper work on monday. As of right now we're still looking at 2-3 weeks. I'm trying not to think about it too much.

Thanks for the prayers.
Love Melynda, Sam and Mariska


Holly Ewell said...

I love your family pictures they are addorable. iT'S GREAT everything is going good. Good luck in every thing.

Simmons Family: said...

I liked to your blog from other HLHS blogs... you have a very sweet family! Thanks for the Reglan info..we too have been on reglan for 6 weeks now. We are also approaching are Cath and Glenn in May. It is all a bit scary. We'll look forward to following your journey.


Christina said...

I have been following your blog for a while but I do not think I have yet posted a message. So I just wanted you to know I am following you family and hope for the best with Mariska's up coming surgery.

I am also thrilled that your dad returned safe from Iraq. My brother was with the Army 82nd Airborne and has been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. He was in some pretty scary situations so I am so grateful he returned safely.

Your family pictures are so precious!

Best Wishes,
Christina Davis
Jacob's Momma