Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Doctors Doctors Doctors

Well, Things have been crazy that last few weeks like always. Mariska has been getting a really bad diaper rash and has had diarrhea for a couple days so we took her into her pediatrician and got some medication for her diaper rash and Dr Alvey said to just watch her diarrhea and if it dosent go away with in the next week then bring her back. Then Next day we went down to primary childrens and got her the synagyis shot for RSV. She had to get her blood drawn and this time we where lucky enough to get patrick, and that was such a difference. Patrick was able to poke her once and get the blood we needed in half the time the other nurses took to get 1/2 as much blood. We were really pleased and she didnt have to cry and go through it nearly as much.

So this week Mariska was still having diarrhea and the bad diaper rash so we took her to the pediatrician again and he had us drop her formula in the breast milk and then we will gradually work up to 1/2 a scoop of formula in the week and then two one full scoop and the diarrhea should go away by doing that. Next we then went her Chiropractor/Naturalist and we got like 4 different vitamins that she needs to take to help her, One is supposed to help her diarrhea and one for her lungs and one for her brain development and one to help her immune system.
Fun Fun we are back to more medicine again, but I Think it will help her because she has always seemed to improve everytime we have followed his advice.

Sam as he is going to school and working and dealing with all this he has a lot on his plate. Along with starting his business on the side, He has been working hard and we are hoping it will pick up soon so we can get around his work situation and her surgery coming up soon. We ask that everyone will pray for us as it seems to be getting close to a time were it is going to start to get real hard again.

We thank everyone for their support and prayers.
Love Sam & Melynda

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