Saturday, June 28, 2008

Angel Charles Hossfield

This was an update I never want to see about one of Mariska's heart buddies! We had a opportunity to meet Charlie and his mom when we we're at PCMC for Mariska's Glenn. I write with with a very heavy heart!
"Yesterday afternoon Charlie (9 months old, HLHS) had been admitted to PCMC for feeding issues, he unexpectantly passed away due to congestive heart failure soon after being taken to the infant floor."

After I read this news I went to Sam and just sobbed. It brakes my heart when our friends little ones are called back to their homes in with Heavenly Father. This is what we signed up for! we know that one day we will lose our sweet Mariska, this is one day that we hope will be after us! We chose to fight for her and keep her on this earthly home with us. Heart failure is the word I fear the most when we see any doctors, this is the word that makes it unable to sleep at night. Once I forgot that I should be so grateful for our little miracle something will happen to remind us just how so very fragile life can be on earth.

Please pray for the Hossfields the are such a wonderful family and I know they need the prayers and support. (His funeral will be some time on Tuesday the time is still not set.)

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carolyn q said...

As a heart parent this is something out of a nightmare. It's something that is always in the back of your mind of knowing the reality of it all. But it's also something you constantly try to sweep away, until someone close experiences the loss, then it become very real.
I knew when I posted to the group concerning Charlie's passing, it would be especially hard for you. I have had your family in my thoughts and prayers too. Maybe just for comfort and peace that you will know Mariska is meant to live a long life.
Heart Hugs,