Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Visit to our pediatrician

Earlier today we had an appointment with Dr. Alvey. Just for a weight check. She is now up to 14 lbs and 4.6 oz!! Shes Almost 14 and a half! Shes started to get some nice fluff around her legs, a nice little double chin, and her normal chubby cheeks.

She is growing so fast! only to get her this far has felt like forever. Funny how that works out. lol. Misky is finally starting to "feel" heavy to us. She hit a growth spurt where her legs started to look huge then she gained a little in height, so now she still looks like the cutest little green bean ever. :-)

I talked Sam into going to Tai Pan Trading*, I love that store. I found a metal picture frame that ended up being half off, always a nice surprise. Mariska Loves seeing people, places and new things. I think shes going to be a very social person when shes older, but then at the same time lately shes been acting really shy when it comes to men talking to her. IE.. Grandpa's, and Doctors. Its so funny she turns her head and gives them a sweet little smile. Either way I think we're going to be in some trouble with her when shes older. ha ha.

Dr. A said since Misky is not choking or gagging on her baby food and seems to be handling it well that we can start her on Stage 2! and also feed it to her a few times a day. We were pretty excited a little surprised about that news.

So later this evening we went to where else Wal-Mart... and bought her some new stage 2 baby food. I think Sam had a little too much fun picking out the different kinds. lol. We bought her some more "puffs" (They dissolve in her mouth, and look like cereal) She also Loves these things. They also keep her busy while we grab something to eat. These new ones have calcium added to them, which will be nice now that shes hooked.

We bought her a small rainbow stripped ball to see if that will help her with tummy time and wanting to crawl. So far she can roll over, on her tummy to her back, but only on her right side. We think she will start to roll over soon, cause shes starting to roll both ways while shes on her back.

Mariska is still ALL gums. Dr. Alvey checked for teeth, since I told him shes likes to put her thumb in her ear now and then when she eats. He said he can feel that two teeth on top and 2 on bottem are ripe and ready to come down! I joke that one day I'll stick my finger in her mouth and shes going to have 4! new teeth. Just as long as they all come I'll be happy :)

Theres our little long update. hope it sounds better them some of the others :P

Melynda and family


Gourley Family said...

Sounds like things continue to go well! What fun! Those puff things are so fun! They do not even taste have bad either!
The Gourleys

Liam Lockhart said...

Hey Mariska! Congrats on the Weight Gain, Liam just had his Cardiologist appt on July 1st and he is right at 14 pounds!!! Its such a milestone for them to gain 1 pound. Liam is filling out too in his face, i posted pictures on his website. I am so glad to hear everything is going great for Mariska. Liam still doesn't have any teeth either but the longer they stay in the healthier the teeth will be! We will be checking in again soon to see how Liams girl is!
Love and Heart hugs
Sarah and Liam hlhs