Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Last Visit for the RSV study.

I'm starting to see a pattern, every time we go to the hospital I just don't go to sleep until I cant keep my eyes open anymore. I wish nerves we not such a big deal for me.

This is our last visit, I'm a little sad that we're not going to see our nurse she has been so awesome. Yet at the same time I'm glad we're not going to have a check up every month, and that it finally the end of the RSV season, thank heavens!

My mom and have are house sitting for her boss, haha, its been pretty fun. She's paying my mom to clean her bathrooms and a few other rooms if there is time, I'm helping. Its a little hard to clean anything when you have a baby but its been nice to spend some time with my Girls. They are get back on Sunday so we have to hurry to get everything we want to have done for them. My mom has been looking for a good way to pay them back to all the work they have done for the family. (He's a ciropactior sp? and his wife works in the office.) They have had a few grand kids born so things have just not gotten done, and they work such long hours. Its been so nice to get out and feel like I'm really helping.

My mom Friend is down to day - she is going to the Huntsman Cancer Center for Treatment. This is her 2nd battle with Cancer, so far it looks like things are going pretty well. They want her to gain more weight being that shes a little under 100lbs. Shes a tiny thing. My mom and her have been friends since childhood so they go way back. This will be her 5th treatment. They hope to be done with them by mid to end of the summer.

On Sunday Sam and I switched our flat computer screen for my parents screen. The Funny thing is my mom just noticed that we did it. We all got a good laugh from her shock. ( sorry mom and dad we're taking it with us when we move)

I have GREAT news!! Sam and I have been working with Misky on tummy time. On the 28th she ROLLED OVER!!! three time for the very first time it was wonderful! I thought maybe it was just because she was on the bed and I was sitting next to her, but she has done it now every day since!!! We are so excited. This is one step to being a stronger little girl.

Called the O2 place and had them come and take most of the O2 stuff away today! its a nice feeling not to see the tubing and tanks. Now when we put her in the car we're like oh that's it! just the car seat diaper bag and... and... and... nothing!!! its awesome.

Ok so I think I'm really ready to go to bed now yuck its 3am.

We love you all

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Hollie said...

I'm so sorry that I missed you on Wednesday. Thank you so much for stopping in to see Elaina, and especially for the goody bag. It really came in handy, I ended up staying overnight with Elaina because she had a sedated echo this morning. She goes to cath lab tomorrow and it's looking like she might be getting her Glenn as early as next week. Thank you so much for your love and prayers!
Hollie, Ben and Elaina