Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Update on our visit

We ended up getting to the hospital really late due to traffic. After check in we got the two normal every visit chest x-rays. Mariska was not very happy about the x-rays this time.

At her check up they did the normal weight and height checks, blood pressure/heart rate, and O2/heart rate, so nothing painful. The scales from one doctors office to another is a little off. She's 25inches and 13lbs and 9oz. Doctor Williams said shes on the 6%tile. So she's tinnie tiny.

The nurse couldn't get her O2 stats above 75. She hovered around 72 with Oxygen so it was kind of weird. So had the doctor give it a try. When Dr W. came in we did her stats with out O2 the funny thing is he couldn't get them below 90!!! (she was 92) which are normal hearts range. He had us at first just put the canula on top of her nose, after he saw the numbers he was thinking that maybe she was getting air, so I turned off the tank and unplugged the tube. She went stayed their for a while then went down to 88 and stopped at 89. He said the number to hit to loose the O2 saw 80. So we no longer have the "kid around our necks that we have to buckle into a set in the car"! I was almost crying, it was such a happy moment.

We took off the canula before we left the room! For the very first time since birth she has nothing on her face!! I now have to look harder for her and Sam when they walk around I cant just follow the tube to them, hehe, but its something that its better missed then having to use every day. It was nice to feel like we had a normal healthy baby as we walked around, haha what ever that is - She is our normal and we wouldn't trade her for anything in this world. Misky we are so proud of you!

We wont go back for a check up for 3 months! that seems like such a long time.

Shes sleeping now its been a good but long morning for all of us, its hard on kids for them to miss a nap. I feel like she sleeps too much sometimes. I did some reading and its pretty close to normal so I'm just paranoid. I feel like I hardly ever get anything really done or finished even with all of her naps. haha.

I cant believe how fast shes growing, and how far we have come. We we're looking at some of her new born pictures she was so small, I forgot just how small she really was. Now we look at her and allll we see are these two enormous cheeks. Its funny.

Hope everyone has a nice day and can enjoy some of this lovely weather outside.

Melynda, Sam, and chunky cheeked Misky


Vanderbeeks Images said...

Congratulations Mariska! Good work little angel!

Liam Lockhart said...

Yayyy Mariska, I am so happy she doesn't have to be on the 02 anymore. I am glad she is doing well. It is scary not to see the doctor for so long but that just shows us that our little ones are doing better than we are lol I think its really neat about that text chain letter also, if you can let me know how that works if he gets that out that would be awesome. Liam is tiny too, but i can tell he is growing. Liam is off his Lasix now and doing good and he still has 4 meds that i know 2 of them he will take for life. I am still checking up on Liam's favorite girl and i can't wait to see more pictures!!! (don't feel bad i haven't posted any on Liams site either :x)
Sarah and Liam HLHS

Alison (Abby's Mom) said...

Congrats on being oxygen free! I remember after Abby's Glen when they told us we could go home without it how wonderful it felt! No more stares and dumb questions from strangers.

It looks like she's doing great!

Gourley Family said...

Yeah for no more tubes! I understand the "normal" issue! I tell Mike that when we have a "normal" healthy baby, I really am not going to know what to do, because neither Lilly or Ryker were "normal" babies. I worry that my kids to come will not be as special, but know that when they do come, they are going to be even more of a miracle! Hope to see you at the picnic!
Emily and Mike

Matchbox Mom said...

Sooo glad that she's doing so well. I looove chubby babies..and even tho she's teeny tiny, she's got chubby cheeks??? OOOH!!! I could squeeze em!
How cute!

carolyn q said...

That is such great news about being able to say goodbye to the O2. I am sure you where beaming and it felt like a ton of brick being lifted off of you.
I can't wait to see youg guys again!
Heart Hugs,