Wednesday, May 14, 2008

6 months Old Today!

Mariska on Mothers Day! With her daddy Sam, being the silly goose that she is.

I can hardly believe it, Mariska is 6 months old today. Sam and I have been so blessed with our little precious angel for 6 wonderful months! She has brought so much joy and love into our lives. I wouldnt change her in anyway, shes ment for us and is perfect.

Last week the shot went well, We lucky had Patrick so we were a little more clam about the blood draw, this time he had a little bit of a hard time, but got it pretty fast. I pray that shes not going to be a hard stick forevery, hopefully she will grow out of this with time. This was our last shot for the study. We'll go next month for a visit then we'll be all done. I'm still not sure if we'll find out which shot she was getting, the normal or the "super shot" this one helps against eye, ear and other infections. I'm going to be kind of sad, I have really enjoyed our nurse that been over the study.

Mother's Day. We were planning on going to church all together as a family for the first time. I got ready and saw them both so sound a sleep I let them sleep in, it was nice to have some time for me. It was a wonderful First Mothers Day, the weather was even great. Sam's helping me get all my pictures together (they are in 3 different computers) so I have every thing I need for the scrap booking. Oh when I got home from church I just hugged Mariska, it was hard to see all the other normal babies with their mommy's and me not with mine. I just hugged and kissed her all over, she even let me do it for a long time. She's so silly. I think she missed me too. I was glad we didn't take her, there were still a had full of choughs and colds, so it worked out. I think we'll wait a few more weeks before we start to bring her, once everyone has their spring cleaning done and killed all the winter buggies. We put her in a little purple dress she looked so cute.

Its been so busy its been hard to get every thing done. I feel bad I haven't updated the blog for awhile, since my sister called and told me she needed me to update it I thought I would get it done. I've been so tired, its strange I think maybe it because I'm still getting up with Mariska at night to feed her, and my mom and I have been how do I put this, having our differences, I love her but man some days we just need a time out. haha.

For her 6 month mark we took her to see her ped. What a nice half birthday! huh? Poor thing. Shes now weights 12.8 lbs 10%th. heigth shes 25inches 50%th. and her head is 16 inchs not sure on the %. We're very excited/surprised/happy that Misky is on the growth charts just like any other kid. He also said that shes a little behind on the physical part of development (like rolling over, sitting by her self...) shes 4-6months on that, but said thats normal seeing how she had the muscles on her chest cut for open heart surgery, so they have to gain strength again. So a lot of her developments she'll learn in a different order. He said that shes ahead on her mental(/everything else) development shes 6-8 months. How awesome is that? I'm fine if when shes older if she can out smart someone before she can out run them.

Shes acting a little clingy today, but that's normal for her after she gets shots. Other then that shes doing really well.

I'm watching the neighbors kids while they go with my parents 4-wheeling. It should be fun. We'll see how that goes we might all wish we were out there getting sore and dirty with them. Their going to stay here since its kind of a pain to take Mariska and her O2 over there. Its just for a few days so hopefully it will all work out and no one routines change too much. wish us luck.



Michele and Marcelo said...

I am so glad she is doing so well! I am sure that she is bigger than when I met her! (and you are smaller ;) ) Yes Melynda I check your blog every day waiting to see if it is updated! I just love reading about how wonderful your lives are especially since Mariska has arrived! Thank you for the picture of all of you, it is so cute!


carolyn q said...

Those pictures of Mariska in her purple dress are so cute! You can just see that she has personality plus.
You both are great parents and as I read your blog it reminds me so much of my feelings of Hope. Just know that I believe Hope is also watching over those that I care about. . .which would include your little family.
Heart Hugs,

Hollie said...

She is just too cute! I can't believe how big she is getting. She seems to have bounced back from this last surgery amazingly fast. What a huge blessing! She is just adorable!
Hollie, Ben and Elaina!