Friday, May 2, 2008

My heart aches

One of Mariska's heart buddie's has gone into heart failure. Little Yale has been threw so much since the beginning of this year when he was born. He had the Hybrid procedure done (this is only half of the first surgery that Mariska had)

They took him by helicopter on May 1 around 3am to sick kids. There car is in the shop still so his mom has to take the bus. Please pray for him and his family that They can find and fix what is wrong. He has to have surgery immediuadly. His mom hasnt posted anymore, so I'm not sure if he has had the surgery or not.

When I read this news this morning (yesterday now) I just cried. I am so gratefull we have been blessed with our sweet Mariska and that she is doing to well. The reality hit me that I could lose her any time. This goes for anyone, no one has a time stamp on when its their time to be with our loving Heavenly Fathre. Its just such a harsh way to have things keep reminding you of how delicute life really can be here in earth.

Please pray for their family with us, that they will have a speedy recovery and be back home with his loving parents.

Melynda, Sam and Mariska

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