Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Card Visit on the 28th @ 8:30am

Ok so I know that it is the 28th right now. I just remembered to post and let every one know whats up, and I wanted to check on some of our heart friends.

I think today might be the big day that we can finally come off that darn oxygen. I would be nice to not trip over it all day and to see Mariska's cute little face with that darn tube blocking the view. If we don't come off the O2 Then that's ok too. We're only on 1/4L so its just enough to blow and make tiny bubbles if you put it into water. I have we have unhooked her for a little while, like when we go for our walk to see all of Grandma and Grandpa's plants and flowers. I just pray that I'm not doing anything really wrong by not always having it on her. We check her O2 stats at home just for the fun of it now and then. She can been anywhere from 74-87 most of the time shes about 82 with out O2. So hopefully she will pick it up so she doesn't need it anymore.

Every time we go to a card appointment I always have this fear that shes going to have to be back on a feeding tube and if that happens then all the nightmares that came with that will allllll come back, the memories are enough to scare me for a long time.

I'm really not sure how long we are really going to be on her 4 med. I know Aspirin is will pretty much be forever (good thing its super easy to give her now) But the other three I'm not sure about. They might just say hey we want you to stop those and start some other ones. uhg I know I should be happy that there is something we can give he to help her out, but some days I just want to cry after I make her take them. Shes happy once I pick her back up and every thing is back to normal.

We're not going to see Dr. Pulver he is on vacation again I think. So it will be Dr. Williams. We saw him on the last visit as well so maybe now he will feel good about changing the amount of the meds and maybe to away with the O2. Dr. Pulver told me before the surgery that we're most likely looking at 6 weeks of being on O2. I had to really pull a time frame out of him. I know they dint like to give any sort of time when something will happen, but its nice to know what they are planning on so we can be prepared as well.

We had a great weekend we went to Sam's sisters house for dinner on Sunday his parents also came. We went and fed the ducks at the duck pond (forgot the name) and went for a walk. We went to the same pond a few weeks ago I have the pictures on my camera so when I take them off I'll post them on here, along with that funny story. It was nice to spend time with family.

We're planning on have Sam's sister Helena watch Mariska later today, I forgot about this card visit so I'm going to have to change the time. Sam and I don't get out with out Mariska to often, But we shouldn't now that we're parents. It will be nice to spend some alone time with Sam and just get out of the house.

I'm going to try and get some sleep now that its later then I wanted to stay up. Going to the hospital for anything now seems like I cant sleep the night before. I'm going to work on that.

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Hollie said...

Good luck with your cards appointment today. I hope that Mariska is able to come off her oxygen. I hope to be able to see you when you're there. Elaina is having a sedated echo this afternoon, so I'll just be hanging out. We're in room 3074. I worked this morning so I'll be with her this afternoon.
Hollie and Elaina