Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Going to PCMC today.

Its that time again for the synigest (sp?) shot again. I think this might be the last shot this visit.

Just part of out never ending journy to PCMC. If we dont see a Doctor atlease once or every other week It seems really odd. Misky's got a lot of poeple watching her back. What a lucky little girl.

I'm still kind of a sleep so I'm going to go back to bed. Darn this Digi scrap booking, hehe I woke up to feed Mariska and started downloading things, and here I am again doing the same thing. It will be good to have Sam home today, Maybe just maybe I'll sneak in a nap.

After the Hospital I think we're planning on going to see Sam's Grandparents. They have to be the sweetest people I know. I truly hope we make it there and nothing from the sky or the road stops us. Wish us luck. :)

Ohh Mariska is starting to really fill out. Her little arms are even getting a little somethin somethin on them. YAY for Misky. I'll try to up date you later today on how it all went.



Hollie said...

Good luck at PCMC! I sometimes feel like my car is on autopilot when I go there. Elaina had another (her 4th) synigest shot last week. Fingers crossed that it works this time!
Lots of love,
Hollie and Elaina

Gourley Family said...

This should be the last shot. I have not seen an RSV case in the last week or two, so hopefully you will be able to resume life and get back into the real world to do some fun stuff!
Mike and Emily