Saturday, June 14, 2008

Extra, Extra...

I have some some news about my younger brother Tyson. This week we had a chance to be a payed extra in the new HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3. This all started when a friend of my dad sent him a email saying they are looking for extras for the film that is going to be recorded down in Salt Lake City (West High School..) Tyson and friend have be going everyday a long with 600 others between the ages 15-18. They work 10-12 hours so its a long day for them. Yesterday they we're out side and they got so burnt. OUch.
I thought it was pretty neat hes in a movie (even if we never really get to see him. haha)



Mike & Rebecca said...

Brinley would think thats soooo cool she loves that show! Rebecca

Liam Lockhart said...

That is soo cool! My kids love that movie!