Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Sam!

Today is Sam's Birthday. He can official rent a car now that hes 25. :D WAaaaHoo. Its also his first Birthday as a father.

After Work we went out to dinner with my mom to the Olive Garden. Yummy. We had a great time! Mariska entertained us while she played with a straw and seemed to act like it was an instrument blowing and making little noises, it was cute. Our Waiter loved Mariska, and Misky seemed to really like her as well. She even behaved her self very well at dinner, even with a pretty much missed last nap.

After dinner we came back to the house put Misky to bed and had cake -we left no room for ice cream. Sam opened a few gifts before we ate his "fish" cake, while we looked for a lighter.

I made the cake this year and seeing how Sam loves to go fishing I thought it would be only fitting to make him a cake that looked like one. :)


Misky got to play with my brothers Tyler's golden retriever (sp?) He loved to give her kisses and she loved his kisses and fur. Every time he would come into the same room she screams and wants to play with him. She's such a silly goose!

She has been doing so well. Mariska is such a happy baby, Always smiling, making silly faces and sounds. Keeps us always laughing. I feel very blessed to have her in our family.




Gourley Family said...

Cute cake! She is growing so fast! Glad things are going well!
Heart hugs,

Jardine Family said...

happy belated B-day to Sam! And Yay! that Mariska is doing so well! I love the cake you made! It's way fun!

carolyn q said...

Sorry this is belated also. . but Happy 25th Birthday Sam! WOW. . such a milestone.
I loved the Cake too. . .way to go Melynda! What talent. :0)
Heart Hugs,

Tanya said...

Wow!! Who knew you could make such a cute fish cake. Nice job! Hope it didn't taste fishy. :)