Sunday, August 10, 2008

Post 100! Update on Mariska

The things she shes up to now.

Mariska will be 9 months on the 14th. She's still as cute as can be!

In the past month Misky has learned:
  • To sit up with out any help, Shes not tipping over any more and now gets stuck sitting up.
  • She's rolling over from tummy to back and from back to tummy. She'll roll one way about three times then she stops and rolls back. Most of the time she ends up back to where she started but with her feet where her head was.
  • She's still eating every 3-4 hours 2-4 oz I'm ready for her to eat more then just 2.
  • She still loves anything we're eating more then her own food.
  • Starting to hold her own bottle, most of the time she will hold it, and play putting it in and out of her mouth, not so much feeding her self.
  • She sleeps all night once every three days, on the other two its once and twice a night to eat.
  • She is loving playing peek-a-boo.
  • Still LOVES paper and tissues. Shes super fast on getting them into her mouth.
  • She loves to be out side and anywhere new.
  • Loves shopping....
  • Will pick paper and strings over her toys any day.
  • Thinks the Gracie (my parents dog) and Blix (my brothers dog) are the coolest things ever.
  • Loves to play with the keyboards.
  • Enjoys swimming.
  • Loves to swing with mommy out on the swing out back.
  • Loves mommy's cell phone. (mostly to suck on)
  • Is fascinated with other kids.
  • Still doesn't like to be bucked into her car seat (shes fine after shes in there)
  • Liking all the noise from the Olympics on TV.
  • Laughs when someone else (on TV) laughs, Its so funny
  • Will scream if something scary comes on durning a movie, shes so funny to watch.
  • Loves to feed her self finger baby foods.
  • Is still liking baby food.
  • Responds to her name
  • Still likes to be held so she can see whats going on
  • Will rest her head on Mommy shoulder when shes sleepy.
  • Still doesn't have a "real laugh" yet
  • Is a super good little girl... most of the time.
  • and still doesn't like to be alone.

She's our little goose.

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