Monday, August 11, 2008

What we have been upto...

One Saturday the 2ND we went to a base picnic at Hill Air Force Base. It was my dads reserves party, They have food, military awareness booths, and games for the kids, they also had some giant bouncers, they were pretty cool, and a few other neat things to check out.
Mariska is "holding my drink"... Don't worry its not open. haha It was nice and cold and she was starting to get to warm. She cooled her tongue off, It was to funny, She realllllly wanted to hold the can.

The four of us went to the zoo on Wednesday! After we went and got Carmeled apple from the Rocky Mountain chocolate factory at the Gateway mall. The Apple pie one is sooooo good.

Sam, Mariska, Chris and Michael (My good friends hubby and little boy) Mariska was so excited to see him. haha
Those monkeys looks like skunks.
Us by the White alligator
Tying on silly hats.

Yesterday Sam wanted to go fishing. We went up to a small lake, its on the way to Logan. We got the boat and all of fishing stuff all ready to go, got Misky in a life jacket that looks huge on her, I sat in the boat with her and ended up getting out, she really hated the vest. We went for a walk while Daddy did his thing. So much for her first time on a boat. haha. We're looking for a baby life jacket, so if you see one would you let me know. :) the smallest we have seen is for 30lbs and under. Which is still super big. She might have to wait until shes bigger in a few years before she can have any boating fun.
Waiting in the car, and hiding from the bugs.

Yep our boat... ok inflatable raft. tee hee.
It does have a motor you just cant see it.
Playing with cat tails.


Mike and Rebecca said...

Mariska looks so cute in her little yellow hat with the white dots. I'm glad to hear that she's starting to learn her world and develop, it just amazes me how these kids just overcome so much. I just checked Brinley life jacket and its a 30lbs. did Sam catch and fish?

Mike & family

Holly said...

Hey Melynda,
I agree that apple pie carmeled apple is the best, it's my favorite. Mariska she growing up so much since i last saw her, i really miss hanging out with her. i have your/her picture hanging up everyday so i can see her.
I miss you guys. hope I get to see you soon ( we will be down as a family in december)
love you always