Thursday, August 21, 2008

New heart for our friend Grace

Last night the Andersen's got the call, They have a heart. They rushed to the hospital, did all the paper work. waited most of the night for Gracey to have the surgery. Got to love being on hospital time. The surgery started 5:30am and finished at a little after 4 pm. They still havent seen Grace but should be aloud to see in in the next hour. Onces shes stable in the PICU.
What a blessing. I'm asking for prayers to be sent to the Andersen's and the family that lost their little one to give Grace a new start at live.


The Anderson's

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Liam Lockhart said...

Hey, sorry i have been MIA lol the end of the summer was a busy one for us, and school started for the girls fast! I updated Liams websiste and put a couple pictures. I am glad that your friend recieved a heart, I hope that she is doing well with her recovery, and sad to hear yiur friends son passed on. These heart babies fight so hard as long as they can and we pray as hard as we can. But i know that they know we love them and pray for them and god is there with them so they have love all away around condolences to their family.
Mariska is growing up so fast! she is so pretty and i am so happy that she has alot of milestones down!!! I have so much to work on with Liam, he wants to do things but just can't do it. But i know soon enough when he gets the PT he needs he will catch right up! Im glad everything is going well and will check back soon on Misky :)
Heart Hugs,
Sarah and Liam HLHS