Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Gallup

Today Mariska had a cardiology visit at PCMC, with doctor Williams and doctor Pulver. I had our two x-rays (I couldnt see any teeth moving yet, haha) (They *the doctors* looked really good - said from both doctors) Then did the weight and height, O2 levels, blood pressure, and an EKG (I was a little suprised on this, didnt thing we would have that done this time, -it reads the heart waves which is printed on paper for the doctors to see)
Backing up to last week at our peds visits numbers. Weight 15.8 lbs . 26.5 inch. head circ 17 inchs. and O2 was 88. So that puts her weight in the 5-10 percentiles, her lenght around 30% and her head circ 50%. All of which we're super happy with.

Back to this afternoon. Her heigth was still 26.5, weight was 16.8!!! (She gained a POUND in a week! She has been eating really well, almost all 4oz every bottle and a sometimes a little more! shes been a little piggy this week, haha.) (we changed her diaper just before we left so a hour ago or so and she had a big cute bow on her head, but that doesnt add that much hehe.) Her O2 stats rounded out to be 85. The nurse said her blood pressure was a good number (I forgot to look). She only cried when we put her down to see how long she was. Not even when she had the EKG stickies pulled off her skin! What a brave little girl.

Doctor Pulver came in and listened to her heart, checked out her x-rays. We talked about formula and eating (we makered that she gets a little sweaty when she eats, but only if its really hot in the house, so I dont really think that counts) I told him she eats more of I only fortity her bottles with a half a scoop and not more then a full scoop, if I do more then that she has a hard time eating and thats when she does sweat, he seemed a little surprised about that info. (I listen to her. :) -I still think the throwing up thing only happens when she has over eaten.) He heard a gallup when he was listening to her heart and said her liver felt like a 3 (I think a little big or low.. or both... I forget) He asked how she was doing we told her great shes such a happy baby, shes sitting up and likes to roll on the ground. :) He changed the dose of her meds to fit her weight and wanted to see us back in about 3 months.
Then Doctor Williams came in did pretty much the same things. They decited that her liver felt like a 2, so they went with a 2-3 on the paper work. Mariska wanted to say a little more when Doc W came in so I gave her a sucker (in the wrapper still) to her to play with to keep her still, lol, boy oh boy what candy can do. Back to what I was saying. They said the gallup doesnt really mean a bad thing sometimes it can be there one day and gone the next, they just want to watch it and make sure its nothing. They said she has great color, pulses in her feet, all of her numbers are just fine, shes happy and is growing, so they arent that worried. PHEWwwww! If it something then we just have to play with her meds, not a cath or surgry :-) So we go back in 6 weeks instead of 3 months. Ekk. Better to be safe.

So in 6 weeks we will have a sudated (sp?) ECHO, :( It wasnt until on the way home that the being put under part hit me. I dont want to be put out for just an echo, but then I thought I dont think she would hold still for over 30 mins. for them to get the pictures she wanted. uhgg. I'm not sure if that is a over night thing or just a half a day where we go home after she wakes up all the way and eats something. hmm Thats something I will asked when they call to set the date. Wish us luck that its just something here today and not the next.

To all our friends at the hospital we wanted to come and see all of you guys, but didnt thing it was a good idea to take Misky into the PICU. But we sent our hugs, thoughts and prayers.

Hugs The Anderson's


The Curtis Family said...

The sedated echo's usually take anywhere from 30 minutes to and hour. They ususally give them the sedation meds through an IV. The entire appointment usually takes 3-4 hours and then you get to go home. That is our experience anyway. I am glad that she is doing as well as she is. Take care.

---Allison (Ethan's mom, HLHS)

Mike and Rebecca said...

I'm so happy to see that things for the most part are going well. The sedated echo hopefully won't be too bad, they usually aren't. I guess its better to be safe then sorry. We love getting good news from check-ups, good job Mariska !!!


carolyn q said...

I loved Dr. Williams as he was Hope's main man! No, seriously he was so good to her and to us.
Just wanted you to know I had been thinking of you and was hopeful we would have see you at the walk/run. I understand how busy life can get and how as much as you want to get everything in, it's impossible.
I am hoping that the sedated echo goes well, which should just be happening just around the corner.
Heart Hugs,

Liam Lockhart said...

I am so glad Mariska is doing so well! Liam almost finishes a 4 oz bottle and gets sweaty too but i think its because its warmer in the house too since we have had some muggy hot days and the a/c is trying to catch up. Liam is the same length! I am hoping he has gained a pound but i don't have a doctors appointment until after his 1st bday which is on Wednesday!!! I can't believe this year has gone by so fast with birth and 2 heart surgeries!!! I hope the Gallup is nothing serious. We will be back to check on Misky :)
Heart Hugs
Sarah and Liam HLHS