Thursday, September 25, 2008

The things we have seen and the places we have been

We thought it was time for Misky to finally get a big girl car seat. After searching online for a month I found one I really liked, so off to babies'R'Us, The picture online wasn't the best, but its super cute! not too girly, not too unisex, with a little bit of purple and pink, it was just right!

Now that we don't have out gem protector baby carrier, we finally had to use the dirty seats in the shopping cart... gasp! This was Misky's first time in the cart! See really enjoyed being able to see all around. So much for the late night take the sleeping baby to the store. Life seems like it just got a bit harder. Guess that comes with age.

some pictures of Misky being silly.

We went camping for memorial day weekend at Downata hot springs in Idaho, for a family reunion. The first day the weather was really nice, that first night was pretty cold. The next day was a gorgeous day! But that night was SOooooo cold. Around 4 after I gave misky a bottle I stuffed into bed with us to stay warm. She has two PJ's, a warm coat, and 6! blankets on us. The next day Sunday started off nice, then in the afternoon just after the group lunch the heavens opened up and thought we needed some rain so it rained and rained rained buckets of water. It was so bad with the rain and wind that we had to strap our tent with thoughts belts you use with the ratchet..(not sure what they are called) to the fence and add 3 more stakes, It was a scary. With the rain with the help of the high winds pelted rain into our tent as well as my sisters. It was BAD.. It was going threw our tent fly and dripping threw the mesh.. awwww and helped wash or dampen half of the things inside our tent.. uhhhg, so that night we crashed with my grandparents camper with them and a few of my cuisons. So we were nice and warm.
Other then the weather we had a nice time seeing family and visiting and eating did I say eating? felt like about half of what we did. haha. Misky was really pretty good. Loved being out side 4 days.
This is what I found when I uploaded my pictures, haha two girlies being silly.
I put Misky in the box to keep her busy. It was cute her in this tiny box.

We (my mom, and sisters and her family) thought it would be fun to ride the new commuter train to salt lake then we went to build-a-bear. The Front Runner was fun and pretty fast.
HEhehe. Hailey and Mariska with the bears wings. Hahah Misky wasn't sure what to think about it. had a face like Mom this is kind of yucky feeling, and how could you put this thing on my head?
At the reunion they have an auction this year cause of the rain it turned into more of a big yard sell. There were some stuffed animals every time we should this lion to misky she would scream and get all excited so we had to get him. Its been a few weeks and she still loves him. Hes a puppet and had a box that roars like a lion.
I did Misky's hair. She held still pretty well. Something fun and different.
Misky in her jumperoo. Tanya brought it with her. This was her first time in the jumperoo, she wasn't sure if she wanted to put her feet on the ground so she held them up. It was FUNnny. She was getting pretty tired when we put her in. Now she really likes to jump. Once she got the hang of it she started to jump away which didn't take long. The first week after when we tried having her stand on her legs she would start to jump, haha. Now that shes had a for a few weeks she likes to be in it just not so much getting in to the jumperoo. Its also becoming one of her new favorite things to fall asleep in around nap time. So cute.
This is one of her favorite past times. I fill her tub with toys and she leans it over and pulls them out one by one and throws them all around her.
OHHHHhhh Sam.... what have you done to my laptop..... Ok so Sam does work for Dell fixing Notebooks (no longer called laptops, lol) We we're having some issues with it over heating, it was fine but just got hotter and hotter. So he called gave up with the waiting in line and talked to someone in a chat to get the part replaced it was kind of fun to watch. He sat there and told the guy what he needed to say in the report and what all the files were to get the part. Aww I finally go to see him in action at work. :)
Have to say it was a little sad to see "my" notebook taken apart in front of my very eyes.
Here's Misky and my mom weeding the Raspberries. I had a little fun with my good old camera, and thought maybe if I want a new camera that I could just at least find new ways to play with the one I have. So this is me begin bored.
We fed Misky some spaghetti for the first time, She loves the sauce but not the noodles. And she has loved all the Fruits from Grandma and pa B's backyard. She's started to say Dadaa dadaa, sad I know, I keep telling her nooo say Mama, but she'll just look at me and smile.
She's starting to clap a little when shes happy. I dont remember if posted this news or not, We had her sitting on the kitchen floor while we cook, I would look back to see what she was doing or trying to find to eat, every time I looked back I thought I think she moved closer. Sure enough she would lean forward and push on the ground and push her self backwards. Its a sight to see. She tries on carpet but doesn't go any where. So maybe she'll be more mobile before we know it! But if not I don't mind kind of nice to have a baby that I can leave in one area of the house and find her still in the same room. New uhggg new thing has been screaming.. like shatter glass, blow out ear drum kind of a scream... I tell my self its just a phase its just a phase... I hope, haha we keep telling her no Shhh and cover her mouth, but most of the time she does it is when shes super excited, like at the store or when she sees us eating. ohh boy. I hope its just working her voice so she can say mama more. Maybe the day she gets teeth she will say mama.
Right now she's being silly. I'll clap or make a face then she'll try to clap or laugh and turn her head to the side and give me a closed mouth grin. haha what cutie.


Hollie said...

Sounds like you've been busy and having lots of fun! I can totally relate to your rain experience, we had that happen to us a couple of years ago on a family outing in Escalante. We had to throw our tent away, the weight of the water with the wind broke all the poles! I'm so glad that you posted! Misky looks fantastic!
Love you guys!
Hollie, Ben and Elaina :)

Danielle said...

Here's your comment Melynda! ;) Misky is so cute in all the pictures! The one with the wig on made me laugh! hehe

Jardine Family said...

Wow. She's just growing up so fast! I love all of the pictures. TOO CUTE!