Friday, April 18, 2008

A good night.

Sam went in to see her this morning a little after 8. They said they were going to take some lines out at 9. Mariska got her IJ tube out a little while ago! That's the one in the neck that goes into the vain. Its the one that really bugs me to see, because it looks so uncomfortable having something coming out of our neck. Anyway she got that out.

Around 11 we are going to get another line out called the RA line. This one goes into her right atrium. We have to get this out before we can hold her again.

They said there is a good chance we will be going to the floor today some time!! (the floor is the CSU. Children's Surgical Unit)

Last night her O2 was turned down to 1/2L so we're less then what we came on right now! Our goal is to get to come all the way off of it. I'm a little worried about her coming all the way off cause what would I do with out her tail. haha. No really They said she was going into a little bit heart failure before the surgery (I guess that's the sign they need the Glenn) So I'm not sure. I really hope and pray she will come home off O2 or at least be taken off of it really soon.

She had a good night last night, This is always awesome news!!

We're going to watch the CPR video later today, maybe after breakfast.

I'll post you after some more news.


Melynda Sam and Mariska


Shauntelle ~ said...

Yeah!!!! We have been watching your blog lately and are so happy that all went well with her surgery. That is amazing that she has done so well. You are still in our prayers.

With Hope and Love.
Shauntelle and Kaidence

Liam Lockhart said...

I am so glad things are going well still. How awesome to be going to a step down unit. I know that getting off the oxygen is a big step for her and for you also but its going to be a big relief to know that she is getting better. Can't wait for more good news! We are still praying for Mariska
Sarah and Liam hlhs