Friday, April 11, 2008

Getting sick or not...

Today we took Misky to see her ped. Our card told us to see him if shes starts to change in any way. Like having a hard time breathing, change of color, gets sick. Dr. Pulver if shes gets sick it will dely the surgery.

Mariska has had a stuff nose since a little before the cath surgery. After the Cath at the card follow up appointment a nurse gave her a little bunny stuffed animal. Well we think that the toy may have given her something. The next day she had a goopy left eye not too bad but bothersome, So we watched it, after 6 days it cleared up and went to the other eye, ugh.

We had the RSV synagist shot on Monday, our nurse had the card take a look at her and have him give her something if needed. He had to clean her ears out not a fun thing I thought he was going to hurt her ear drum I was nurves, he said ever thing looked fine and that it was most likely just a viris that would clear up on its own.

Now back to today or yesterday now.. We went to see Dr. Alvey cause I thought Misky was making a strange sound at my grandmas house, like a whize (sp?) sound. He things it was just from talking and being a little horse. I hope so, she did babble a lot that day. He gave us some eye drops for her eyes so that it will no just go back and forth from eye to eye. And that we should keep her away from anyone sick

My sister and her kids are here for another week and her 1 year old has a little cough so keeping them apart has been a challenge. And even harder to clean all the toys. I feel bad that I havent really gotten to play with their kids, its killing me. I such a germ-a-phobe now with Misky before surgery more then every. I just dont want to get sick and give it to Misky or Sam. But you cant blame me. Its been a joy to have every one come all the way out of their way to see us. We feel very blessed.

I forgot to say that Sam's Grandpa Anderson turned 89 in March. Way to go Grandpa!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We love them so much. Sam's Grandma is the sweetest person I know, awesome people.

Sorry I havent put up a picture for a very long time. I have my computer up and running, it knows when I want to post a picture cause the internet will go down until Misky nap is over, hehe or maybe its just the user. shhh.

Sam got a grant for school so will the left over money we bought a laptop. This way he can do his home work and not get behind. And I can post on the blog while we live at the hospital.

Please keep us in your prayers that our hearts will have comfort and our minds be clear. As always thanks for the thoughts and love.

Love, Melynda, Sam and Mariska


Gourley Family said...

You have every right to be germ-a-phobe! It must really be hard to not be able to really be around the family. Good luck with everything. You are in our prayers. It is going to be a good day. My baby brother is getting married the same day!
Emily an Mike

Alison (Abby's Mom) said...

I have a 16 month old daughter, Abby, who has HLHS. I also have a 2 year old who brings home every germ and bug going around. I remember right before the Glenn it seemed like Abby was constantly stuffed up. I'm just hoping it's helping our heart babies develop nice, strong immune systems for when they get to start school!