Monday, April 28, 2008

Things at home

I thought I would post something seeing how its been a while. Mariska is pretty much back to her normal self. A few things have changed.

Shes getting bigger. YIPPY! I think every time I look at her she changes, or she does something new that cracks us up. A couple nights ago she we hear her first real laugh, She has a sweet little laugh.

She hasn't been a very good little sleeper at night time, its starting to show on me that I'm getting up every two hours to give her a bottle, ugh. Shes good for the first 3-4 hours when shes first laid down for the night but after that she wants to eat every 2 hours all night long. Last night she was a better sleeper only woke up 3 times it was nice to sleep and not take naps all night. I hope tonight will be better.

Today she helped me clean, I had her in the front carrier, she was a great helper until I drop something then she groans when I pick it up. haha. We went out side for a little fresh air sat there for a while she did pretty good at doing nothing.

I fed her some baby food for the 3rd time. Bananas again. She ate the whole thing, only a little on her bib, hands, high chair, tubing.... haha. She would put her hands in her mouth, I pull them out then feed her a spoon full when she wants more in go her hands, then her hands help paint everything with bananas. I was surprised how much she ate, 2 servings. I was talking to my brother her uncle Tyler he said shes a little pig. I'm happy with that if it means she'll pack on some more pounds. I'll give it a few more days of just bananas and see how her body handles it. then we'll try prunes. They have the most calories. So she'll be getting them for a while.

I gave her her first real bath since the Glenn. Sponge baths just doesnt get her smelling supers nice and clean. She loves her bath, we didn't get any of her stitches or tape stuff wet. Now I know I can give her a bath and keep everything dry shes going to smell a lot better. :)

Looks like shes awake, hmm I wonder how this nights going to be, she slept for 3 hours.


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Liam Lockhart said...

I am so glad to hear Mariska is doing so well with eating, too bad she isn't sleeping all night, my problem is opposite of yours lol. Liam sleeps all night but doesn't want to keep down rice cereal or bananas or any food for that matter down. I will pray that she starts sleeping for you guys at night, you need all the energy you need, especially after that hard stay in the Hospital. Glad things are well and will keep checking for Updates.,
Sarah and Liam HLHS