Saturday, April 19, 2008


I forgot when your on the floor you no one really sleeps. Well Sam is still sleeping. Around 12 I went to bed, a few hours after the nurse came in to do something then I fed Misky. Then the pabotimas (SP?) came to take her blood, we just got that back the potassium was high, so they are going to redo the test. YUCK!

I left the computer so I have more news. They came back to draw more blood. The girl who did it that time didn't have any trouble getting the blood, YAY, Misky's stats when down for a while but they came back up. She looks a lot more blue when shes really upset.

Before the redraw they did rounds, We met Dr. K. Hes a pretty cool guy, I don't think they had any fellows this time. They said we should be going home tomorrow. I asked about Misky's chest x-rays I thought the liver looked a little enlarged, he said it was but it was fine. POOR Misky.

Then meds then around 8:30 I finally got some more sleep.

Our nurse with the case study for Dr. Null, Jeanie came today shes still here waiting for Miskys vitals. We called her a few days ago to come, Because Mariska needed the shot before she left the hospital but that looks like tomorrow.

We had to get more blood drawn for that, yiks. The Guy who did it was pretty good got all 4ml they needed. In fact she was still bleeding when he pulled out the nettle that's a first, so he had a really good stick. Or he was just messy...

Shes could eat more then she has been but shes still doing pretty good.

Please keep us and our heart friends here at PCMC in your hearts, thoughts, and prayers.

Melynda, Sam, and Mariska Anderson

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Jessika said...

I am glad she is doing good! You guys are in my prayers!