Friday, April 18, 2008

Things are moving right along

Bonnie took out her AR line around 11. Then she came back and took out all 3 of her chest tubes around 2. We left her to rest for a bit and got some food came back and she was having her discharge ECHO, After she was done with that I got to hold and feed her.

I think she has slowed down a little on her feeds, or now shes just not starving. She is still eating pretty well.

We we're planning on moving to the floor today but they said all the beds were taken. After about 20 mins Lisa said she was going to move Mariska to the floor after her break. So 30 mins later we we're on our way to the floor. YAY!!

While our nurse was at lunch we saw Dr. Hawkins, I was a little surprised to see him, because Bonnie had just told us he wouldn't be coming in today cause it was his day off. I wanted to get a picture with him, so when we saw him I was really happy, and we got our picture. :)

We are in room 3088 on the 3rd floor. Sam and I just went and bought Mariska some balloons. So her room has some more things.

On the way to the floor Mariska had this very worried kind of scared look on her face. She kind of has had that look since after her surgery. Silly girl. Giving every one mean eyes. I cant sayI blame her for that.

Right now she is sleeping right now. Tori our new nurse for a little while is getting Misky's meds ready. Looks like we'll still be on digxoin (sp?) and lasix only lasix is every 8 hours in the IV so we have a pump.

I think that's it for now.


Melynda, Sam, and Mariska


carolyn q said...

I am glad that things are going so well. WOW, to think that you might be discharged in the very near future. . .incredible!
You both are wonderful parents and Mariska is an amazing little girl.
Keeping your sweet family in my prayers!!!

Liam Lockhart said...

Yay Mariska!!! that is awesome she is doing so well. I know that look very well, Liam eyed every nurse and doctor that came in the room like what is next lol. When she goes home she will def be more relaxed.
Keeping Mariska in our prayers tonight
Sarah and Liam hlhs

Gourley Family said...

Sounds like you guys are going to be home soon! She is such a miracle and I pray there are no bumps, just smooth sailings!