Wednesday, April 16, 2008


They did a spontaneous trial she lasted for an hour so they decided to extubate. Her BPM breaths per minuite (?) was at 14 they like to have it at 10 or so before they try, but sometimes they do it earlier. Her blood gases looked the same before and after the trial so that was a big help to get her off the tube. Shes been off the vent for 57:25mins now and counting. YAHOOO!!!! Way to go Misky!!

Sam and I went and grabbed dinner so we missed the trial and her being extubated. I told our nurse Heidi if Misky did anything spectacular to take a picture for us, Heheh she did, she got a few shots of her first off the vent.

When we got back she had been extubated for 15 mins, and boy was she mad! Her blood pressure was pretty high so they gave her some more for the pain and some meds for her blood pressure.

They have a new monitor on her right now like a big patch on her forehead, I forgot the name. The doctors don't seem to sure about how it really works.... She started at almost 30 and now shes at 62 now. It measures the oz in her brain tissue. They I guess do this in the OR and now they are starting to send the kids with it on for the first night. They taped her hair in with the take and the pad thingy. Poor thing.

Thanks for all your prayers!! It has helped in so many ways. I truly know Heavenly Father is watching over Misky.

Melynda, Sam, and Misky Moo


Gourley Family said...

Sounds like she is doing great! She is one of the HLHS babies that just seems to do really well. It gives us a lot of hope for our niece coming in July with HLHS. We will continue to pray for you guys and know that Heavenly Father truly is mindful of your family!
Emily and Mike

Liam Lockhart said...

I am glad she is doing well off the tube! Liam can't wait to see more pictures of his lil girlfriend lol.
Can't wait to hear more good news
prayers and heart hugs your way
Sarah and Liam