Wednesday, April 16, 2008


She has so many more shades of color now. The first fit we saw after OHS (Open heart surgery) she was so mad but she was so red!! this is a new color for her. :) I knew she was pale but this just shows shows how much better she can look. Its nice to see her with red lips and cheeks.

The nurse just said her Blood Gases after extubate look Great!! Awesome news. I am so shocked on how fast all of this is going. We cant hold her until tomorrow because she still has art lines in her neck, so once she gets some of them out then she can be in our arms.

When we talked to Dr. Hawkins after surgery he said she was all done, I was still thinking her chest was going to be left open like the last time, he looked at me funny and said nope shes all done closed and every thing and in the PICU. This a lot better then the last time we were here. To get her where she is right now it look over a week! She is so strong and is a very good little fighter, I know this has helped her do well.



PS I left my USB cord at home so when I get that I'll load some pictures of here.

We are in bed 1!! We forgot to tell everyone that part, sorry. I think we are going to try and get some sleep now that shes happy, sleeping and doing well. Please pray for us and all our little heart buddies here, we all can do with a few more prayers.


Christina said...

I am so glad that Mariska is recovering well. Yea for pink! I hope things continue to improve and that you can be home soon.

Best Wishes,
Christina- IHH

Matchbox Mom said...

Prayers are a comin your way!!! Sweet little Mariska!


Gourley Family said...

That is awesome and really amazing! That is so crazy! Such a difference from the first surgery! You go little Misky!
Emily and Mike

Liam Lockhart said...

I love the color pink lol Liam is now Pink and we call him little piglet because he is the same color as his piglet doll lol I am glad she is doing well. We will be back to check in on more updates
Heart Hugs and Prayers
Sarah and Liam hlhs

Alison (Abby's Mom) said...

So glad to hear everything is going well! This surgery was so much quicker than the first for Abby. I hope it's a short stay and that you are home soon!