Monday, April 14, 2008

Misky is 5 Months today!!!

I cant believe how fast the time has gone. Everyone always said they grow up too fast, its so true. HAPPY 5 MONTHS MISKY!! We love you!!

Today we went to visit one of my sisters long time friends Laura (the one who did our family pictures) Sam had to work so Tanya, her two little ones and Misky and my self all went on a road trip up to Laura's house. We adore her family! We met at her house then we went over to her hubbies work in logan (I think) To pick up the bags we ordered from her. (the one thats black and white with Sam and Misky's feet) I LOVE the bag. Every time I've walked by it I have to smile and say I love that bag. hahaha its funny.

Back to our day, we met at her place the then went to McDonald's for lunch. Mariska's first time at mickadee's. Then we got the bags then headed back to her place.

We visited for a while then I wanted to get some pictures of Mariska's scar before she gets a new one. We took some picked the ones we loved then put them in to a collage. I cant wait to see it when its all printed and here. It looks so nice. We ordered our pictures, its going to be so nice to have a big family picture with the three of us, I cant wait we're so excited to see all of them.

Mariska was sooooo good all day I am very proud of her. I'm glad we have family pictures before her surgery it helps to keep me calm. I feel like I have done just about everything with her that I can think of before her surgery.

Surgery... Its coming up so fast. Please keep us in our prayers, we want a speedy recovery and smooth sailing. :D Thanks for all your prayers your forever in our hearts!!

Love Melynda Sam and Mariska (the brave, tease, smiling little girl)

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