Sunday, April 20, 2008


I'm mad, sad, frustrated, nauseous, and exhausted from the 4 AM blood draws! Last night we were told we didn't need the lab work done. Then at 4!!! they not sure who they is, ordered it at the last possible time, I'm so mad, Mariska is such a hard stick.

The girl that came to do it... I'm not sure how many time she poke her poor little arm. I had to leave at the first one when she was grinding it alllll around!!!!! and didn't get anything! I knew it was going to be a few pokes. I'm going to give our card (he comes on today) an ear full. GRRRRrr I was so mad when sam said she would come half way out and then jam the thing back in again. That was rough. After they left I just sat and cried and now I'm venting, sorry everyone.

We are so ready do get out of here! all three of us, as much as we love everything everyone does for us it will be nice to be at home where we can take care of her and not have to ask someone to get her some food. I'm tyring to stay positive but the 4 am blood labs just get under my skin. I think our awesome nurse streak is all over. blah. on top of all of this Misky only ate around 8 oz of formula. She did eat 4.5 oz at midnight, I keep telling her if she slows down on eating then we'll ending up having to stay.

Sam and I think it was the Loratab, we think it made her have a loss of appetite. She started to eat less after we started it in the PICU. All the nurses said they don't think that is a side effect!! Well we googled it and guess what it is. some times it makes me crazy they don't know what the side effect is of something they give Misky, I mean how can you watch for a reaction if you don't know what to watch out for. On the other hand they see a lot of meds and it could be a lot to learn about everyone....

Please pray for us to go home today and that everything will be fine.

Melynda and family

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Liam Lockhart said...

Hi, i know those sticks are a hard thing to handle, Liam is a hard stick and for any cath procedure it takes like an hour and for any iv's it takes a long time and then they blow and fall out. We are still praying for her and I hope things are getting better for Mariska.
Sarah and Liam hlhs