Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cardio update..

Today we had a appointment with Dr. Pulver our card at 11am. Sam had to work so I had Tanya come with me again, I tried to get Mariska's Grandpa (Melynda's dad) to come but he said hes afraid of needles..haha I tried to tell him this is not the scary visit that is ones isn't too bad. He stayed home to get the 4 wheelers ready for their Moab adventures.

When we checked in with Cardio they sent us to go and have an echo done... This I was not aware about having an echo done today, the ladies at the desk said Dr. Pulver just ordered it this morning and they said they would just tell me when we got there. A little heads up would have been nice, I hate for Sam to miss some of the bigger stuff that happens with out him. :(

The ECHO it was really neat to see Mariska's heart in action. The left side is really not their at all. I was thinking it was just super small cause it was there at my 20 week ultra sound. Ernie did the echo and a student watched. I kind of like having students in the room they end up saying more because their teaching them so I always learn something new. Mariska was really happy for the echo it was funny, they made a comment on how good she was.. it helps that it was at her play time. Shes a little ham.

After the echo we went and had a chest x-ray. I over heard a guy asking for a print out of his x-ray. I had no idea I could get them on each visit, I will be doing this from now on. She was also really good for the guy that did her x-ray. Clear lungs always something I'm grateful for when I see the x-ray.

Then after the x-ray we went back to cardio. Had an EKG done. this is where they hmm how do say this... they put little sticky circles with a little metal nipple like thing on it they do about 15 on her chest kind of following her heart, then they put on almost like jumper cables for a lack of better words on and it reads her heart rhythms. Misky had a easy time with that one too only made a little little sound when she pulled off the last circle thing.

just before we EKG we got her O2 sats and her blood pressure. The nurse was a little worried that Misky had her canula out of her nose and off and on in her mouth, Its been a battle to keep they little thing in her nose, Its one of her favorite things to havin in her mouth. So I retaped to get it to stay. Silly little girl.

Right now Misky has the canula out of her nose and into her mouth blowing bubbles.

The at about 2pm Doctor Pulver came to see us. Mariska fell asleep by this time. Being there all day makes the day go on for ever. We talked about her next surgery The Glenn, what they are planning on doing. Tanya asked a few really good questions about finding surprises in misky when they open her up again. Because our surgen said Misky's aort vulve was really tiny they smallest he's ever seen. The other card said they knew about it and so did the surgen, he said thats the surgens way of saying they did a good job, haha funny the different opinons they all have. He said the bypass machine stops all the blood in the heart so it makes the vessles smaller since theres nothing really opening them. Tanya also asked about what other complications their could be, like on the norwood Misky's right diafram was parallyed, of something like that could happen again. They said the glenn is a shorter surgery so the chest is not open as long, so it tends not to damage more things. The Docs. said they have not lost a little one after the Glenn. This makes me feel better, I have faith things will go just fine. I'm happy they a cofedent in this surgery.

Dr. Pulver asked about how Mariska was doing on the two new drugs. This is why he ordered the echo to check on the heart to see if it has helped any. They we're both surprised by my anwser. I told them I was very happy with the drugs. Misky seems like shes in a lot less pain then before, Shes happier for a longer amount of time. One thing they worry about with the drugs is how blue she gets with it. Misky has had pretty good color, while we were in the office I noticed her nose was looking really blue, so they bumped up her O2 to 3/4th. We also increased the dose of one of her heart drugs.

I asked Doctor Pulver about his back ground. So here it is. He graduated from Duke, did his residentce at PCMC. Hes has done hes peds training, so he could be a Ped, and is now working one becoming a peds cariolaigest which he is a year and half into with half to go. Hes looking for a job so he will go where every has an opening, So in a year we may or may not lose him as Misky's card. He's married and has a son thats about Misky's age.

Then The three of us ate at the rainbow cafe. This time we got real food and not just a burger. I think I got every thing. It was a busy day we finally got home around 4pm. Please keep us in your prayers.

Melynda, Sam and our pride and joy Mariska Elizabeth.


Gourley Family said...

I did not know that Mariska's middle name is Elizabeth. That is my middle name and also my daughter's Lilly middle name. I'm glad you guys are home and that things are going well. You did have a very long day up there. I'm not sure what it would be like to eat an actual meal at the Rainbow cafe. We also always grabbed something quick, and if we did grab a real meal, I did not seem to have a good stomach to eat it. I know it is nerve wrecking about her surgery, but after this one, you've got a long while and will be able to better enjoy little Misky. Keep us posted as to what is going on! Wishing and praying for you guys!
Mike and Emily Gourley

Liam Lockhart said...

Hey, i saw the comment on Liam's website, thanks for your support and prayers. I will be praying for you and Mariska on the 16th, its very hard to hand over your child for surgery!! My emotions couldn't be controlled, but i knew that he had to have this surgery or he wouldn't be here with us I believe she is in good hands with her doctor and God is watching over her. Please keep me updated on how she is doing.
Heart Hugs
Sarah and Liam and family