Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bed 2!!

They just moved us to bed 2 in the PICU. We're next to another HLHS/HHI buddy, How cool is that? His is the same bed we were in after she was taken by Life Flight to PCMC. Right now she just woke up and Sam is feeding her, she ate almost 4 again and got her loratab. We still cant hold her because of the neck line she has in.

I forgot to say that earlier she got the cath off because she was peeing so well, so now we get wet diapers. She was very constipated before we can in for the surgery. They are not very worried about that yet, our nurse Mary Alice said to remind them again tomorrow if she hasnt pooped yet and they will do something for it. I bet Mariska would just love that I'm saying this in her blog, haha.

Linda also came by and took off the chest bandages so now its just the little tape strips.

She's doing really awesome. Dr. Pulver our Card came over earlier asked us how we were doing and said she looks really good. :) Dr Hawkins also came by and also said she looks good.

Our nurse from yesterday stopped by on her day off to see how Misky is doing. She was so cute, she also said how good Mariska looked, happy she was off them vent doing well and a little surprised that she is off most of the meds. (she was only on about 4, last time she was on 12.)

Being back in bed one makes me thing of the kids that were next to us last time. Baby Alice, Carter, and Elisabeth(I think she went by abby). I wonder how they are doing I hope well.

Thats your update. Hopefully I will post another one later tonigth if anything new happens. s


Gourley Family said...

Wow, she is AMAZING! I can not believe how fast it all is going!

Liam Lockhart said...

I am so glad she is doing good and it is awesome that she got to be moved. You are still in our thoughts and prayers . Our hlhs kiddos are amazing and strong!
Sarah and Liam hlhs